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Online: Shop at Darn Good Yarn’s Deal and get up to 20% off on herbal dyed recycled silk yarn packs and bowl. To know more about the updates and offers, please visit our web page. (July-07-2019)



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About Darn Good Yarn

When I started Darn Good Yarn, I didn’t have a grand plan. I was interested in fueling that spark from my childhood. I had no idea what it was to become. I really didn’t think it would be much of anything. “Darn Good Yarn” was actually a joke between my friend Beth and me.  Darn Good Yarn started from two boxes of recycled silk yarn that I stored in a corner of our spare bedroom. I soon learned that the people who make this yarn needed a better way to make a better living. They needed sustainability and safety in their day-to-day jobs. Falling back on my college education and experience in the Air Force, I realized that I could potentially bridge that gap and provide them with opportunity for a better life. I made it my mission to show the world just how important these fun and quirky yarns are. It takes a special person to love their unique qualities. Darn Good Yarn isn’t your run-of-the-mill yarn. There are special stories of hard work, love and creativity wrapped into everything you find at Darn Good Yarn. From the artisan to the person who packs our orders, Darn Good Yarn is fueled by infusing Good into all parts of our business. From our warehouse and order fulfillment partnership with Schenectady ARC (a non-profit dedicated to providing employment for adults with developmental disabilities) to our employee benefit programs, our goal is to create a better world by caring and doing things the slightly harder way. In a world of short-cuts and cookie cutter experiences, we believe that when you slow down in order to build that this creates more sustainability and stronger communities. I’m excited. Darn Good Yarn is celebrating ten years of business this year. While we’re very much a small business (“hi” to Amanda, Keri, KT, Chris, Kelsey, Alba and Mike) our “can do, make it happen” attitude has helped us save over a million pounds of material waste and help create hundreds of sustainable jobs. Start at love means being compassionate with the intent to make a positive change in the universe. We believe the application of starting at love with everything you do leads to a happier world. We run our company based on 6 core values.