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Is going to the office really necessary? 70% of students and young people say no, according to a Cisco poll. Employers tend to agree more and more, and maybe unexpectedly. Studies also showed that 45 % of the US employees are now employed for full-time or partial telecommuting. Progress in video conferencing, social media, and other technology, the increasing need to be on the job at all hours in today’s corporate world and advanced organizational flexibility systems have created an era for remote workers.

Meanwhile, according to a recent report by the tech firm Wrike, 83 % of workers operate remotely for at least half of the day. Reading and responding to emails when driving, or maybe just before bedtime, should presumably count, as it should. Businesses are welcoming remote workers because the lack of a typical workplace setting and hours can help employees be more efficient and profitable than ever before. Employees are very happy because their workplace is flexible.

Following is a list of 12 credible work-from-home job sites that provide a diverse variety of legal remote jobs, as well as examples of some of each site’s specific features. If you’re looking for a work-from-home career, these 12 websites are a great place to start because each one clearly lists remote job openings for those who choose that as a primary requirement.


Single mothers are multitaskers who make excellent virtual assistants. Single moms are already used to doing much of the things VAs perform, such as scheduling their children’s meetings, transporting them, and assisting them with homework.

Working with Zirtual also doesn’t necessitate a lot of qualifications. Submit if you have a college degree, live in the United States, and have access to the internet.

Zirtual offers on-the-job training and pays its employees between $12 and $16 per hour. Virtual assistants for Fortune 500 firms, clients, and small businesses work for Zirtual.


FlexJobs, which was established in 2007, is one of the oldest websites dedicated to helping professionals find remote and flexible jobs. Sara Sutton, the site’s creator, says she was motivated to launch FlexJobs when she was searching for a remote career with a flexible schedule while pregnant and was disappointed by the number of fake job sites available. 

The team at FlexJobs scans the internet for the latest job openings for technical positions in more than 50 fields around the world. Part-time and full-time positions are available, ranging from entry-level to executive. Members get customer assistance as well as a money-back guarantee. For a one-week trial, the price is $6.95.


Indeed, one of the most popular job search sites for conventional workers has a separate segment for remote jobs. More than 135,000 remote positions are currently listed on the web, which can be searched by job type, salary estimate, place, organization, and experience level. 

Indeed is likely to provide you with the most detailed search results. Employers not only upload jobs directly to Indeed, but the interface also aggregates career listings from tens of thousands of other websites.

While sorting through the listings will take some time, the search choices are infinite, and the occupations are diverse: personal assistants, social media administrators, voiceover artists, and food bloggers are only a few examples. Simply type “remote” into the address bar. However, the supported listings at the top and bottom of the page do not match the search criteria.

We Work Remotely

Another great career board for full-time online jobs is It lists hundreds of salaried positions in a variety of sectors. Programming, customer service, management, architecture, and marketing are only a few examples of industries. You’ll see a lot of interesting new start-ups here, but you’ll still see more developed businesses. 

The We Work Remotely website claims that its membership has over 2.5 million monthly visitors. The web categorizes remote jobs into categories such as programming, architecture, copywriting, sales, and marketing, as well as full-time and contract roles. We Work Remotely also has a remote job description guide, remote work patterns, and the top 100 remote work groups for remote job seekers.

Remote OK

Remote OK has an even longer list of work-at-home opportunities. Programming, customer interface, and architecture are all common categories. There are also several non-tech listings on the web. You can browse remote businesses or use the “remote work data” tab to read about fast-growing fields in addition to looking for workers. 

The Remote OK portal claims that its job board reaches over 1 million remote employees and lists remote positions in app creation, customer service, communications, construction, and other sectors. The site also has a worker list, which is a worldwide talent pool of over 5,000 remote employees, as well as a live listing of top remote organizations’ recruiting trends.

Search Remotely

Search Remotely is a career board for remote workers that list openings in copywriting, customer support, architecture, web production, digital marketing, sales, and other fields. There are also several career forms available, including part-time, full-time, internships, and consultant jobs.

Though Search Remotely is free to access, you will have to pay a charge to submit your resume to this remote work board. Plans start at $49 USD, but for $99 USD, you can add on additional features including weekly video check-ins and interview coaching.


AngelList, as a platform, can be a wonderful place to launch your remote journey if you want to work in the startup world. There are about 25,000 startups with available vacancies on the site.

Build a profile by uploading your resume or manually filling in your work experience after signing up. Then begin looking for vacant vacancies. Developers, designers, marketers, and salespeople are also examples of job groups. Everlane, SeatGeek, and Stripe have all posted work openings on the web.

If you press the star next to a role and the employer stars your profile, you’ll be contacted via email and given the opportunity to submit a more customized and customizable cover letter and resume.

Work from anywhere in the world with CROSSOVER - YouTube

The remote job mission is at the heart of Crossover. This assertion can be found on the company’s website: “Brick and mortar offices are history.” Teams from all over the world will form the foundation of our multinational workforce in the future.”

Crossover brings together some of the best-paying remote job options from around the world. Sales, marketing, banking, product creation, logistics, and executive management are also job divisions. You can find anything from a $36,000-per-year administrative assistant position to a $400,000-per-year Chief Marketing Officer position.


Upwork is a fantastic resource for finding freelance and contract work. You’ll make a profile and apply for each role. Employers leave reviews on your website, so maintaining a positive image is critical for Upwork performance.

GET IT DONE on - YouTube describes itself as the “largest freelancing and crowdsourcing site on the planet.” In reality, it has brought together over 24 million freelancers and businesses from 247 countries. Find your way to if you’re looking for freelance work.

Jobspresso Alternatives - 10 Best Jobspresso Alternatives in 2019

You won’t have to wade through contingencies and fine print in a career description because Jobspresso just lists remote positions — you’ll know it’s a work-from-home job right away.

Simply go to “Browse Jobs” and pick “All Remote Jobs” or “Check by Profession Group.” Keep in mind that certain jobs require you to work in a certain time zone or territory. Begin by looking at all of your options. There are plenty of opportunities for writers (including celebrity beats), brand managers, and web developers.

Although ZipRecruiter is a massive job board with options for both conventional and remote employment, it does have a portion dedicated to remote jobs. Its remote worker database had over 295,000 remote employees as of late November. Administrative, part-time, and contract employment are among the most common forms of remote workers mentioned on the web. Teacher, graphic designer, and bookkeeper are among the most common remote work titles on the web.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Working From Home:

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  • Stay Goal-Oriented

Working at home provides the flexibility that the best employers need. However, independence isn’t enough; you’ll need structure to keep on track with your team and organization. As a result, as a remote worker, you would have to take a goal-oriented approach to your job. This strategy puts you on the same page and concentrating on what matters. It also gives you the insight you need to start each day on the right foot.

  • Stick to a Schedule

Decide when you’ll start and finish work each day and give your day some order. A job schedule will assist you with properly planning your day. It also aids in the separation between your professional and personal lives. While you’re working, you should continue to concentrate on work-related assignments and correspondence as much as possible. Similarly, you should turn off job alerts outside of work hours and concentrate on your personal life.

Remote work allows you to be more self-directed, which means you can plan your schedule. Have an open and frank discussion with your manager. Put the most important success goals on the table. Then, create a calendar that helps you to participate when it is most convenient for you and keeps you on track to complete these tasks. This gives you a sense of ownership while still informing your coworkers.

  • Networking is Crucial

Being a good remote worker requires more than just doing your job. You should develop your soft skills by networking with coworkers and those in your industry in person and through social media. Attend as many networking activities and seminars as possible, as well as the company’s off-site training experiences and holiday celebrations. For a telecommuter, building solid relationships can be difficult, but it is also just as critical as being a successful job.

  • Keep Your Workspace Organized

As a remote worker, you must make your family aware of the value of a distraction-free work atmosphere. If you have children, this tip is particularly important. Let people know when you’re available for work and when it’s appropriate to contact you. Make it clear that you want a clutter-free, peaceful workspace. Rather than working from your room, set up a proper desk room. Choose an ergonomically built desk and chair so you can function happily all day. Your feet should be flat on the floor and you should sit straight when working. Maintaining proper posture will assist you in reducing tension in the body.

  • Take Breaks

Allow yourself to recharge between tasks by taking breaks during the day. Many workers have a midday break and either one to two more 15-minute breaks during the day for their full-time staff. Take advantage of these opportunities to unplug and enjoy a nutritious lunch or go on a short stroll and get some fresh air.

  • Avoid Distractions

Distractions are avoided by the most active remote workers. Set aside time each day for correspondence, meetings, assignments, and other tasks. Instead of continually veering off track, this holds the attention on the job at hand. Maintain an up-to-date calendar that is accessible to your coworkers. This lets them see what you’re working on so they can schedule their requests accordingly. It also makes you responsible for yourself.

Work from home websites can assist you in locating a variety of desirable positions. Since there are too many people looking for remote jobs, be wary of work-from-home websites that sell bogus job advertising and other con games.

There has never been a better time to work from home, especially during this Covid 19 pandemic. However, just as with in-person opportunities, you do not accept a spot merely because it is accessible. Examine the business, speak with other members of the team, and determine if you are a good candidate.Hope these listed best work from home resources and opportunities have helped you.


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