15 Ounce Cat Bowls Take 32% off at $13.59 on Amazon. The 5.5-inch diameter will help your cat avoid stress from whisker fatigue, which also can keep your cat’s face clean while enjoying a meal.

Cat Bowls

The ceramic cat bowls is easy to hand wash and keep clean. You could keep track of how much water cat is drinking and how often by this elevated bowl. Easy to monitor your cat’s health. Handy for ill cats or cats with diabetes, kidney, or urinary problems. The raised cat bowl has the right height(3”) and wide design(5.5” diameter)allowing the cat to eat in a more natural neck position and reduce its neck burden.

Features of this item

  • Monitor Water Intake:
    The measurement markings inside the bowl give us a very good idea of how much our pet is drinking. Accurate water and food bowl can help your baby grow stronger.
  • Easy to Clean:
    The ceramic cat bowl is easy to hand wash and keep clean. Dishwasher safe so you can just throw the cat bowl in the dishwasher to wash it.
  • Reduce Neck Burden:
    Elevated height reduces strain on the body by alleviating stress in the muscles, bones and joints. Advocates an increase in appetite and helps prevents vomiting.
  • Made of Durable and Premium Ceramic:
  • Shatter-proof and odor free. Lightweight but sturdy.

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