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TEWEAE Foot Pads

TEWEAE Foot Pads are easy to use. Just stick them under your feet before going to bed. Generally take off the pad after 8 hours to help you ensure a deep sleep and make you feel refreshed when you wake up. Ginger Detox Foot Patch is a healthy product made from a variety of pure natural organic extracts. It has pain relief , Relieve fatigue, reduce swelling, exfoliate, remove foot odor, remove corns and other effects. Promote the body’s metabolism, remove the dirt in the body, thereby making you more beautiful.

About this item

  • Ginger extract
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Help dispel dampness and dispel cold, promote blood circulation, purify foot pads, warm feet, and improve sleep quality.
  • Natural extracts, suitable for men, women and children over three years old.
  • The foot pad has been certified by a professional organization and uses the highest quality raw materials.
  • Easy to use.

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