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Arishine Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

With Arishine magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set, you can experience the benefits of big eyes and thick eyelashes. The set includes eyeliner and 5 pairs of 5 styles of magnetic eyelashes. 5 different styles of magnetic eyelash sets, so you can make your eyes look sober and full of vitality on any occasion. This eyeliner can be used on any skin tone. It can draw the focus to your eyes and enhance your overall makeup and appearance. The characteristics of a strong magnet can make your makeup look good all day long. Suitable for gatherings, parties, weddings, work, schools and other occasions. It is made with high-quality safe ingredients and 100% non-toxic ingredients, so it can be used with confidence.

About this item

  • This magnetic eyeliner eyelash set is equipped with a special eyeliner, which contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, which allows the magnetic eyelashes to be easily connected, and the eyeliner is also anti-blooming.
  • These magnetic eyelashes allow you to have thicker, longer and more beautiful eyelashes, while being very easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • Our set contains five pairs of eyelashes, allowing you to experience the benefits of our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set for a longer time.
  • All you have to do is to apply the magnetic eyeliner like any other liquid eyeliner and put the magnetic eyelashes directly on it. The magnetic eyelashes will quickly attach to the place where you draw the eyeliner.
  • Our magnetic eyeliner and eyelash set are very durable and strong. It is also waterproof and will not fade. You can enjoy the look of beautiful eyelashes all day long!

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