Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board Takes up to 51% off at $34 Now. It is a new low that Amazon offers. From carving brisket steak to slicing roast beef, this fluted bamboo cutting board will make your meat-cutting experience easy. This meat and steak cutting board features raised pyramid-shaped ridges designed to hold beef or poultry securely in place as you carve or cut with a carving knife. Plus we made this large wooden cutting board with premium quality Moso Bamboo. It is an all-natural wood with antibacterial and antibacterial properties for safe food management. So it absorbs less liquid and has zero environmental impact. In addition, the double-sided design makes this large carving board versatile.  As the other side is completely flat and can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables. Thus, it gives a gift idea or housewarming gifts for your friends or loved ones!

About this item

  • PREMIUM BAMBOO CONSTRUCTION – Bambüsi Cutting Board is intricately handcrafted from Moso Bamboo, which makes it 100% food-safe – formaldehyde-free, BPA-free, with no toxins or chemicals added.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – This butcher block has Raised Ridges in the center, which will hold your steak, brisket, and turkey firmly in place.
  • NO MORE MESSY KITCHEN – This chopping board has deep, wide drip grooves that will catch all the liquid.
  • REVERSIBLE CUTTING BOARD – The reversible surface means one side can be used for carving while the other is for presentation.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR EVERYONE – This Bamboo Board is extremely versatile.

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