Holidays or just regular grocery shopping- the fun is real. And what is more fun and cool is saving some dollars by the end of your shopping. Moms, we know you look for saving deals, discounts, rewards/loyalty programs, gift cards, and more to save more. However, one common way to get some savings on your regular shopping days and special days too is couponing. Some might wonder what couponing is. Well, couponing is just the use of coupons to buy items at their lowest prices. No rocket science; just simple knowledge of items’ actual cost, best deal, and quantity to buy that will sustain until the next sale.

Many women across the U.S indulge in extreme couponing and you must have heard a few names too. Extreme couponing isn’t a wise thing to do. Yes, moms! Using coupons to save money is great but eventually many people end up causing losses to the retailer or the shop. Choosing your coupons and using them strategically is what matters!

Well, finding coupons isn’t a tough job today. Retail websites, coupon stores, newspapers, and catalogs are often the best places to find coupons. However, newspapers and catalogs might not include coupons for a variety of brands but coupon stores do. You’ll find a myriad of coupon stores that offers discount deals to boost your savings. Moreover, stores that offer couponing offer printed as well as digital coupons.

Wondering which store to pick the best coupons for more savings? Well, we’ve curated a list of the best stores for couponing 2022. Check out these stores to grab some of the best deals.

Mommy Saves Big 

1. Mommy Saves Big 

If you’re looking for one place that is the best that retail can offer, then you might not want to look beyond MommySavesBig. It provides you with printable coupons, grocery coupons, and amazing free samples. Buying fruits, clothes, and other knickknacks is a daily chore. Use the coupons by MommySavesBig to add excitement to your experience.

Unlike other websites, MommySavesBig provides you with exciting free samples from manufacturers. If you want to try specific items before pulling the trigger on bigger purchases, then consider its samples catalog. In addition, MommySavesBig has fun games as well that you can participate in and win retail prizes. These aspects are a bonus to the coupons that the website offers. You might have to buy detergent, household cleaning items, and more at full price.

However, the printable coupons from MommySavesBig allow you to take your discounts with you everywhere. If you subscribe to the email list, you can also have those discounts coming into your inbox and you can use them as per need.

Amazon coupons 

2. Amazon coupons

Hundreds of women go on a shopping spree on Amazon without having any coupons and suffer losses. You don’t want to be one of them! Become a smart consumer by taking advantage of the coupons that the manufacturer is providing on your next purchase. Since Amazon has such a huge catalog, you have every reason to shop on it. Buy fun cereals for your kids or a trimmer for your man. Having an extra discount is never bad.

An important point to note is that the coupons can only be used on Amazon’s portal. So, if you’re using any third-party applications or websites, you won’t be able to avail the coupons. In addition, you get bonus discounts if you’re a Prime member as well. So, what are you waiting for, take advantage of America’s biggest online market with its coupons!


3. Rakuten

Rakuten is an entirely free coupon site that allows you access to all types of cashback from hundreds of websites. For those trying to save every penny, it provides you with a premium cashback program as well. This program facilitates you to go the extra mile and gain 1% to 12% additional profit. Rakuten provides busy ladies with a convenient chrome extension as well. Just click on it and score impeccable deals without extensive research.

Moreover, you can link up your credit card on Rakuten as well. Multiple banks have linked special cashback schemes that you can avail of. The platform also allows you to easily receive money through major platforms such as PayPal. With the amount of convenience that Rakuten brings you, we can’t recommend it enough. You’re missing out on a smooth experience if you’re not using Rakuten.



4. Groupon

Groupon is ideal for restaurant and entertainment deals to be availed. It is a website that allows you to find alluring travel deals as well. The coupons on Groupon focus heavily on experiences that ladies can have in person. Thus, if you’re getting a spa treatment, going out for a movie, getting a beauty treatment, this is the website for you. It also provides discounts on semi-luxury goods as well that includes necklaces, smartphones, and other items. The unique selling point of Groupon is that the coupons on the website can be used offline as well. Consequently, if you’re going to Target or Walmart, you’re in luck. For a smart lady of the 21st-century, this increases your overall convenience budget shopping.


5. BeFrugal

If you’re a thrifty person like us you’re in the right place. BeFrugal is a place that embodies the frugal philosophy in shopping. It provides humongous cashback deals on thousands of shops across the United Kingdom. Best of all its coupons are free and it is extremely easy to avail for quick use. It sinks easily with multiple platforms such as PayPal and allows you to directly get cash deposits to your account.

We love it because of how beginner-friendly it is for coupon lovers. The easy-to-click buttons on all the different coupons that are present in it make it easy for young as well as older ladies that are new to the internet. Plus, it has a unique frugal community on the website as well that doesn’t make us feel bad about how money-conscious we are. You can even engage with people and discover better deals!


 6. Ibotta

Buying groceries are an everyday pain and Ibotta makes it easier for this pain to sting a little less. Ibotta provides you with fun and interactive tasks on the platform. On completion of these tasks, you earn cashback points and rewards. These different tasks can range from watching a short video, showing proof of purchase, or just commenting on a product. The higher tasks you can complete, the more cashback you get. It’s much better than spending your time watching cat videos and getting nothing back. Ibotta provides limitless possibilities for getting heavy discounts. We can’t recommend it enough for the person who is willing to go the extra mile.


7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is extremely versatile in its approach to providing coupons. It allows you to avail coupons online and earn cashback on off-line purchases as well. The unique selling point of Swagbucks is the unique gift card rewards that it provides. These gift cards come in the form of Amazon vouchers, donation cards towards Save the Children, and more. In case you’re giving gifts frequently to many friends this might be your choice. Without spending much, you can give a friend a gift card or you might feel like donating towards non-profit organizations as well. You won’t get flexibility like this on other coupon sites. A fun aspect that Swagbucks provides is its ability to give you extra earning capabilities through doing surveys. You can also watch videos and on extra coupons for even better deals.

CapitalOne Shopping

8. CapitalOne Shopping

Imagine you had your eyes on a specific item for months but you want that special discount and wait it out. CapitalOne Shopping Is a browser extension that notifies you when that special coupon and discount are present. You can undercut competition through CapitalOne Shopping. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new laptop or smartphone that vanishes within seconds of its launch, you might want to consider this. You might have a partner who is going gaga over the new PlayStation 5 or Xbox series. Amaze them by grabbing an offer through using CapitalOne Shopping. A useful feature in CapitalOne Shopping is that it has a banner system that shows “best price”. This mechanism scours the entire internet and brings in front of you the best possible deal. It is ideal to make that quick decision and feel good about your day. CapitalOne Shopping’s coupons are time-bound therefore you might want to act quickly to get the most out of it.

Living Social

9. Living Social

If you’re new to a city or want to just get the best out of a location, Living Social is your pick. Get amazing discounts as well as fun coupons on great offers from businesses near you. If you are going out on a date, want to enjoy a spa, Living Social has you covered. Moreover, you can use it to compare different businesses and services as well. When you’re going out, make your purchases easier with the on-the-go coupons of Living Social. Focus upon getting the best deal for your money and you will be able to find out which businesses are giving a bang for the buck. Exploring the location you are living in is made fun of through the coupons that Living Social provides.


As the name suggests, this is a hub for the best coupons that the Internet has to offer. provides updated coupons every month. Making it ideal for frequent buyers who were looking for multiple deals. specializes in providing coupons for brick-and-mortar enterprises. So, if you’re putting in your ZIP Code, you will immediately have access to the best that your surrounding has to offer. Name it: groceries, different drugstores, clothing merchandise, you will have a better deal on them all. Has a seamless shopping experience that it provides you as well. Therefore, if you’re linking your debit or credit card purchases can be made seamlessly. is one of the oldest coupon websites so you can trust it above many other options.

Here are some of the best stores for couponing. And you’re not going to go wrong with any of the coupon websites that are pinned down. However, there are subtle distinctions present between all these websites that make them stand out a little. For instance, if you’re a social animal who likes to enjoy your me time, then Groupon is your pick. The selection of spas, beauty salons, and other coupon offers on it is incomparable. Similarly, if you’re a person that likes to save on every purchase then Be Frugal is the way to go. The humongous cashback’s being provided through its coupon have been discounts that we have hardly seen on any other platforms. If you’re conscious about your spending and want to have a tight budget look no further.

You might be a gift giver and you might also be forgetful (we can all relate), then CapitalOne Shopping is your choice. The fun and useful gift cards that are provided with the coupons on this platform make it very appealing. Surprise your friends with Amazon gift cards and more that will delight them. However, if we had to choose one, then we would recommend MommySavesBig. Buying food, clothing and other products is a necessity. MommySavesBig also provides free samples that will make the child inside you happy. If you’re making bulk retail purchases then MommySavesBig is excellent. It provides you with a variety of good coupons that can be carried with you easily. It also has free samples that excite us to frequent the website regularly. The free samples are a bonus. It helps you to make future larger purchases and try out fun unique products without stress.

So these are some of the best stores for couponing in 2022. Make sure you make the most of it.


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