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Dreo standing floor fan takes up to 14% off at $59.99 now on Amazon. Down from the usual $69.99 tag price, you can save $10 and get a Dreo’s all-in-one airflow system. 

Dreo 36” Nomad One tower fan is with remote and is a 24ft/s velocity quiet cooling fan. It can 90° oscillation and with 4 speed and 4 modes. There is also 8h timer, so you can set time and sleep at ease. The fan is a bladeless fan. And it is safe enough for kids and your pets. In addition, the removable rear grille and impeller wheel make cleaning more accessible.

If you want a better one or smart electric fan, you can look at  Dreo smart tower fan with wifi anfd voice control. The smart tower fan is $99.99 now on Amazon. And it can works with Alexa and Google. And it is with 6 speeds,4 modes and 12h timer. There is also LED display, so it is convenient for you to use at night. The standing smart fan can be used for bedroom ,home and office.

Features of Dreo standing floor fan:

  • Powerful meets portable. Dreo’s all-in-one airflow system combines with a supercharged electric motor, delivering high-speed, brisk cool.
  • Cut out the noise. Enjoy all-day serenity and comfort, enabled by its algorithmic impeller design and the magical Conada effect.
  • Easy to clean & safe to use. Removable rear grille and impeller wheel make cleaning more accessible.
  • Far and vast. 90° oscillation and calibrated airflow path allow this oscillating fan to cover more areas in the room.
  • Customizable comfort. Featured with 4 modes (Normal/Natural/Sleep/Auto) and 4 speeds from soothing-soft to storm-strong, you can easily customize your comfort at the touch of a button.
  • Fit anywhere. With a compact design and a hidden handle, you can easily store it and carry it to any rooms.

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