DVD Player,Foramor HDMI DVD Player for Smart TV Support 1080P Full HD with HDMI Cable Remote Control USB Input Region Free Home DVD Players

DVD Player Foramor HDMI DVD Player 30% Off Now At $27.99

Foramor HDMI DVD Player
The Foramor DVD Player can easy connect with just a HDMI cable.Provides high quality Full-HD 1080P picture and video .

Foramor DVD Player supports Full-HD 1080P high quality picture and video.You can enjoy your movie with smoothly and clearly.We supports 4:3 and 16:9 full screen.

New update chip technology makes the DVD player keep quiet and smooth during play. Solve the skip and noise problem.You will enjoy your movie with our Foramor DVD Player.

Memory player function
Our Foramor HDMI DVD player has a memory player function,so no worry about suddenly power off in the middle of movie. just power on and go on with you love video.Enjoy your life with us.

USB AND Multi-media Player
Our dvd player has USB connection,so it is very suitable for all the family. You can connect your USB device or just use HDMI cable or AVI cable.The Foramor HDMI DVD player can player multi formats,DVD / DVD-R / DVD + R / DVD + RW / DVD-RW / DVD-9; VCD / CDDA / HDCD / CDG, CD-R / CD-RW. (* NOTE: Does not support Blu-ray Disc!)

Compact and reading fast
Compact design (8.9*7.5*1.9 inch) is very easy to place and carry ,so it is also a great gift idea. With great drive core,this DVD player can reads format fast and correct.Just enjoy your movie with no worries.

Region Free
This DVD player can players all the DVDs from all the regions codes from 1-6,except Japan CPRM DVDs.so you can watch maximum videos ,no matter which language you love.


Item Features:

  • Update HDMI Supporting: This DVD player features 1080p to experience near HD picture quality and solid sound in a compact design.Don’t support blueray!
  • Noise cancellation and Error Correction:Update with new chip technology,Foramor DVD player plays quieter and smoother .It can even play scratched DVDs after error correction.New update provides you a better video experience.
  • Last memory function and USB support: Memorize the last playback,never miss a minute of your watch.Usb Direct Recording and Music Copy: Plays your Digital files directly via USB to create the soothing ambiance. Playback media support: Video (AVI, DAT, VOB); Audio (MP3, WMA, OGG); Image (JPG / JPEG).You can copy your music(only music) to you device too.
  • Majority Compatible:support: DVD / DVD-R / DVD + R / DVD + RW / DVD-RW / DVD-9; VCD / CDDA / HDCD / CDG, CD-R / CD-RW. (* NOTE: Does not support Blu-ray Disc!)
  • HDMI cable supplied and After-sales Guarantee:One 4 feet HDMI cable helps you easily connect this player to any TV with HDMI input.Contact us at the Buyer Center or Support Email if you have any problems about our products, 24/7 Quick Reply.


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