FEATOL Lumbar Support Belt for Men

FEATOL Lumbar Support Belt for Men heave lifting work is  just priced at $27.99 at this time. It takes up to 22% off on this sale. The FEATOL Lower Back Support Belt comes with 4 sturdy support bars and an extra lumbar pad to provide 360-degree stronger support for your lower back, ensuring you maintain proper posture during your daily workouts and when lifting or lifting weights. Gym training. FEATOL Men’s Low Back Brace is effective in relieving pain caused by herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis and other spinal problems. This lower back support allows you to enjoy life without worrying about lower back pain. Also, the FEATOL Women’s and Men’s Back Support Belt is made of breathable fabric. It doesn’t feel too hot or bulky to wear. The inner strap is made of elastic neoprene that provides very good support without restricting your movement. External elastic with durable Velcro gives you a wide range of adjustable waistband to fit your body.

More about this product

  • Additional removable lumbar pads
    With additional lumbar pads, we provide greater support.
  • Strong Velcro
    High-density Velcro holds the waistband in place and makes you feel well supported.
  • Breathable material
    High-quality material with ventilation holes can effectively prevent odors.


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