FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

FRENAN Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Take 42% OFF at $34.99 Now. It is a new low on Amazon. This grow light for indoor plants with red-blue spectrum consists of 4 tubes and 80 LED beads, which provide adjustable and uniform light intensity for different indoor plants. Thereby effectively promoting photosynthesis and increasing growth rate. In addition, this plant grows light adopts advanced LED technology to effectively solve the problem of lack of sunlight for plants.

About this item

  • Equipped with stable, durable tripod stand and can be adjusted from 15” to 63”, suitable for more differents size house plants. 
  • This Plant Light allows us to actually provide plants with ample light, effectively supplementing the lack of natural sunlight and promoting plant healthy growth. And it can provide red, blue, or mixed spectrum to meet the light conditions your plants need most in different stages.
  • 4 Head Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has 3 light modes(Red Light, Blue Light & Mixed Light) 10 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%.
  • Designed with auto circular-memory timing function and there are 4/8/12H timer setting options for your choosing. 
  • Grow lights has a 360° independently adjustable gooseneck design.

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