What does it take to learn to play an instrument?

Learning to play an instrument at a professional level means studying and practicing for hours a day. And that “it’s never too late to start playing the piano” isn’t really a quote…it sounds inspirational and sounds like a real quote from a never-professional pianist. But, one thing is true, there is no age limit for when to start if you want to take up an instrument as a hobby!

Choosing the instrument you want to learn to play, or you want your child to learn to play is something you should spend your time doing. If you’re choosing for your kids, it mostly comes down to what they seem to prefer. Children’s brains are in learning mode and nothing is “too heavy” for them when it comes to acquiring new knowledge and skills. But in this article, we will focus on adult hobby instrument learning/playing. So, from the beginning, you may want to focus on some “simpler” instruments like guitar, bass, piano, percussion (drums, snare drums…). Another factor is the music you want to play, if you prefer classical music then the piano should be your first choice. Now you just need to choose the piano… However, pianos can be rather expensive, and it’s great to have a way to earn the money. If you are eager to start being a whale, check out the article presented by experts at https://fancasinos.org/. These experts have discussed essential attributes of high roller casinos. It will be much less complicated to pick a high-quality website.

Guides for Piano Buyers

(Acoustic) Piano, Digital Piano, Electric Keyboard Piano

Which one to choose? It would be dishonest if we didn’t put sound quality and feel at the top of the “difference story.” Assuming we’re only talking about new products, and sound quality and feel are our only metrics, we could easily put the piano at the top of this list. Even the worst acoustic piano for most musicians will always sound better than the electronic sound on a digital or electronic keyboard piano. Most, but not all. The music industry is moving so fast today that many everyday listeners don’t really notice the difference between an acoustic piano and a digital piano when blind-tested.

Putting aside the sound quality and feel, the first thing to mention is the price difference. You might be thinking “well, of course that piano is by far the most expensive”, which isn’t necessarily true!

Acoustic pianos come in a variety of sizes, material qualities, brand names, which have a big impact on price. So you can buy an upright piano (pianissimo) starting at $3000 for a new piano; while a new concert grand from Steinway can easily cost over $200.000.

On the other hand, high-quality digital pianos are also expensive. Big brands like Yamaha, Korg or Roland can cost up to $20.000! The main difference from an acoustic piano is that the price range is much lower, so you can get a new digital piano of satisfactory quality starting at $500.

Guides for Piano Buyers

Finally we come to the electronic keyboard piano…and this is definitely the most affordable option! Still, as with digital pianos, if you’re looking for top quality big brands (same brands as digital pianos Yamaha, Roland, Korg, we can add Casio, Kawai…), you’ll have to budget Expanding in place, may even pay more than $10.000! However, the same key point is that the starting price range is much lower. You can find a complete set of beginner-level electric keyboard pianos in very good quality for just over $100! If you’re at the entry level, an electric keyboard piano will give you everything you need, and more if you choose some good models.

Keep in mind that used instruments can drop significantly in price. Acoustic pianos may be the least of the three, but they also lost their market value in time.

Guides for Piano Buyers

To wrap up the analysis, it comes down to what your intentions are and how big your budget is. Investing too much money may not be the best idea. It’s important to decide and start, if you leave it, don’t regret the investment! So maybe it’s best to try a good quality beginner electronic keyboard, and if you like it and stick with learning to play the piano, you can always upgrade to a higher level piano. The same goes if you want your kids to start learning the piano…don’t put in too much and then put too much pressure on them because it’s going to cost a lot of money and let them try and decide if they like it or not. Enjoy the piano playing experience!

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