Shop Smarter By Getting Free Coupons via Mail 2021

If you’re trying to save at the grocery store on your favorite products, then the trick to saving big is using coupons. Requesting some free coupons by mail is one way to get them. These coupons will be sent out by advertisers hoping that you will try their product, enjoy it, and come back and keep buying it. A perfect way to lower your grocery bill is to use the coupons from these free coupon books, inserts, and magazines, along with printable coupons and coupon apps. 

Take a look at the top 5 ways of getting free coupons by mail:

1. Get in touch with the Company

Contacting the business itself is the easiest way to get free coupons sent to you. Businesses love to hear reviews about their brand. If you send them an honest email with constructive or negative reviews, they are likely to send you coupons directly to your inbox, by saying “thank you” or “please give our product a second try.”

Contacting businesses for product discounts sounds like a lot of work, and your efforts will often be for nothing, of course. But when you find a company that sends you coupons, the coupons are of great value and the time spent on getting them is well worth it.

You have to contact the company either by email or through a contact form on their website for this strategy to work. Tweeting or commenting to them on one of their Instagram posts will not work. Most businesses will have a connection in their website footer to their contact details.

2. Shop For Coupons Online

Websites like Klip2Save and the coupon clippers sell coupons at such a cheap rate that saving money is well worth investing in. You can purchase a $1 off coupon for $0.08, for instance. It’s definitely worth checking out.

The coupons you purchase will be shipped to you by both of the sites listed above. There is a small charge to have these coupons sent to you, because sending mail is not free, so make sure you buy enough coupons to compensate for the mailing fee.

3. Subscribe to Newsletters

When you send them your email address, businesses love it. If you sign up for their weekly or monthly newsletter, they will try to get you to purchase their items, by sending you offers and coupons via email. 

Fortunately, most businesses will also give you the option to send you coupons in the mail.

If you don’t see a way to order the coupon in the mail, just give them a friendly email asking if they could. Companies appreciate that you care enough to reach out so much to them that your request will be happily met by most.

A clear example of a business providing discounts in the mail to customers is Bed Bath & Beyond’s newsletter.

4. Grocery Stores’ Mailing List

On occasion, grocery shops also give out free coupon books. On social media, make sure to follow your favorite local groceries and get on their mailing list so that they can give you some too.

Often supermarkets have coupon books available, so keep your eye out for it and pick them up for free the next time you’re grocery shopping. These are mostly found in the front of the store or at the service of customers.

5. Use the Power of Social Media

Brands also have coupon giveaways on their social media pages if they advertise fresh or updated items. When they put up an offer for a free coupon book that they will mail to you, following all the companies you love and keeping an eye out for your favorite products helps.

We hope our easy ways to get free coupons by mail will help you fulfill your shopping wishlist faster!