Honey Can Do Oversize Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack DRY-09066 Silver

Honey Can Do Oversize Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack 36% Off Now At $24.19

The list of clothing items that should never see the inside of a clothes dryer is long: lingerie, swimsuits, workout clothes, wool sweaters, cashmere scarves. These things require being hung to dry, which would be great if you only had the room. Pull this not-so-little guy into action and it goes from flat to 45 inches tall, with plenty of room to line-dry your delicates.

Unlock Your Surroundings
At Honey-Can-Do, we believe an organized space unlocks your surroundings for living, bolstering the form and function of everything within a space’s four walls.

Everyday Household Solutions
We like to find customers solutions for their entire home. We’re about decluttering an entryway, breathing new life into closets and wardrobes, making it easy to set up after-school snacks, and filling a living space with charm and character unique to each homeowner.


Item Features:

  • Steel
  • Gain space to line-dry clothing
  • Collapsible and portable for easy storage
  • Saves energy and extends life of clothes
  • Dimensions: 29” L x 14.2” W x 42” H
  • Note: The unit must be assembled with a left and right side to assemble and fold correctly


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