5 Simple Ways to Save at Nike and Grab the Best Offers

Are you a mom, who wants to uplift your workout look; or someone, who is looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of sneakers/shoes? Then, Nike is undoubtedly your destination for some of today’s latest and most popular styles. But shelling out more than $100 on shoes is definitely not a very budget-friendly purchase, no matter how stylish the product might be!

Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to tell you how to save at Nike and also grab on to some of their amazing offers. After all moms, we know how careful you’re with every purchase. Well, these tips will definitely raise your saving quotient, plus ensure you get some great offers on your favorite brand.

1. Score Free Shipping via Nike’s Loyalty Program


Tired of shelling out money on shipping and handling charges? Off course, most of you are! Shipping and handling fees hikes up the total price of the item and leaves no room to save few dollars. But Nike has a great option for you to amp up your savings – the NikePlus Membership Program.

NikePlus Membership is Nike’s loyalty program where all you have to do is register to join and get access to several rewards!

You even get free shipping and 30 days return program for the products you purchase; if not satisfied you can return them. So moms, now no more second thoughts before making the purchase or making a return! Just say yes to more savings and download the app to register now.  Also, as a member, you will get the first preference to pick your favorite pieces before others.

2.  Gain through Special Discounts


Hunting for special discounts while shopping is a must, and we’re sure all of you look for it. Often these discounted prices attract you to purchase the items. Whether it is 10% or 20%, discounts are undoubtedly a great way to save. And at Nike, your savings can boost up with exclusive discounts.

With Student’s Discounts, no need to wait to buy your kid his/her favorite pair of Nike. After all you’re eligible for 20% off, and you will end up saving a few extra bucks. So moms, don’t forget to apply the promo code at the checkout when shopping online. 

Also, Nike’s exclusive discounts aren’t limited for students and military only, it offers deals with up to 40% Off on its products for all. Watch out to grab more discounts.

3. Shop for Nike through Kohl or Nordstrom stores


It’s a usual incidence- you’re browsing through Nike.com for your favorite pair of sneakers and you fall short of few dollars. We’re sure most of you might have dropped the plan of buying it then.  After all, shelling out on an expensive pair isn’t a good option. Rather, most of you would prefer to pick some other brand from Kohl’s or Nordstrom stores at a much cheaper price. Plus, some of you might have Kohl’s or Nordstrom’s Cash coupons to avail discounts.

Mommies, no more dropping the plan of purchasing a Nike! Beat the price at Nike.com and buy your pair of Nike using the Kohl’s or Nordstrom cash. Just redeem your cash bonus and earn discounts on your favorite Nike piece. And an added advantage is free shipment via shipping codes. Collect cash coupons from these stores and avail them at Nike to save more.

4. Check Out on Clearance Items


Are your kid’s shoes wearing off? But do you have to wait for next month to buy one. Cash crunch is not unusual moms, especially towards the end of the month. . However, at Nike, beginning or end doesn’t matter, when you can easily save up to 80% off retail. Yes, moms! At Nike factory store, rather than checking the fresh merchandise, reach out to the back wall for clearance items.

The back wall of the store is where you’ll find a sea of orange boxes containing marked down sneakers, which can even have additional savings as well. Nike offers promo codes for an extra 15%, 20% or 25% off sitewide including their already-reduced clearance section. This is a great way to buy your kid a nice pair of shoes and boost your savings.

5. Take advantage of Nike gift card


Apart from all the other offers and deals, you can stack up your savings at Nike with gift cards. Whether you have to buy your partner a pair of shoes or your kid’s, you will definitely end up saving with Nike’s discounted gift cards.  There is no compromise on savings, as these gift cards can be redeemed anytime and you can get up to 20% to 50% off on all products. 

Several other websites like Raise or Gift Card Granny even offers Nike gift cards at discounted prices- an added saving option.

Moms, why wait then? Get your Nike gift cards for unlimited savings!

With these tips, we’re quite sure your savings will increase but don’t just limit your savings to these tips. We’ve have some offers to double your savings and make your shopping at Nike more fun and exciting. Check out these offers before you head out to the store.

  • Sale up to 40% Off- Boost up your savings by checking out sale section that is offering up to 40% off on a variety of products. Endless items for adults and kids. Moms, hurry, pick up the best pieces at heavy discounted prices.
  • Promo Code Coupons- Whether it is 40% off on sneakers, 50% off on men’s running shoes, or 20% off on graphic t-shirts, by using promo codes coupons your savings will be unlimited. So, before you pick your shopping bag and head out to the Nike store, do check for these promo codes.

Now we hope you’re no longer wondering how to save at Nike. Just make the best use of these tips and offers, so that you don’t end up spending a bomb at Nike.

Shop more and save more!!