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iLoLux Kitchen Knife Set

The iLoLux kitchen knife set contains 6 kitchen knives, each of which has a different purpose. The iLoLux kitchen knife set is made of high-carbon forged stainless steel 30Cr13, which is very strong and durable. After a long time of forging and hammering, the blade becomes sharp. The knife body is coated with non-stick paint to prevent food from sticking to the knife and effectively prevent the knife from rusting. iLoLux kitchen knife set is your kitchen assistant.

About this item

  • he kitchen knife set is suitable for cutting meat, vegetables and fruits, and can meet all your daily cooking needs.
  • The sharp kitchen knife set is made of high-carbon forged stainless steel 30Cr13 with a Rockwell hardness of 58. The blade is sharper and more durable. Each knife is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • The black knife sleeve adopts unique hand hammer perforation and BO black oxidation technology, casting corrugated design and fine and smooth black oxidation protective film, which can effectively prevent sticking and rust prevention.
  • The kitchen knife adopts an ergonomic handle and is made of PP material, which is comfortable to grip, good in balance, reduces wrist pressure and provides safety protection.


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