inbloom Hydroponics Growing System, Upgrade Indoor Herb Garden 3.0 with More 20% Red Grow Light, Plants Germination Kit, No Installation, Height Adjustable(0” to 17.25”), Automatic Timer, Gold

inbloom Hydroponics Growing System Gold-5pod 29% Off Now At $39.99

inBloom’s mission is to bring the joys of gardening to urban users any time and any where. Our products grow plants faster and more efficiently when compared with traditional gardening. The inBloom Smart Garden is compactly designed with an innovative LED lamp specially tuned to speed up the growing process. Its anti-mildew water tank is deeper compared to competitor products, giving roots more room to breath.

Thoughtfully Designed Water Tank
A deeper water tank gives roots room to grow and breath, anti-sunlight barrier prevents mildrew growth.

Precisely Tuned Lighting
Our lighting is scientifically optimized with true color LEDs and 20% additional red light for maximal yield.

Grow in Style
Gardening has never looked so good. It’s not only a counter-worthy addition to your home, but also a conversation starter.


Item Features:
  • 🌱【Inbloom Hydroponics Growing System】 – Our 5-hole hydroponics growing system brings convenience, space saving, and health to city living. The inbloom hydroponics growing system is designed to provide a compact, indoor, and all-season gardening experience anywhere and any time. This hydroponics growing system is made with sustainable materials, sourcing recycled and bio-based plastics for minimal environmental impact.
  • 🌱【Scientifically Calibrated Lighting】 – Our inbloom hydroponics growing system finely tuned indoor herb garden each LED bulb’s placement angle while increasing indoor herb garden red light output by 20% to optimize the entire hydroponics growing system lighting spectrum, greatly enhancing hydroponics growing system photosynthesis in our plants for a maximized growth yield.
  • 🌱【Large Water Tank】 – Our hydroponics growing system has a 2.5L water tank provides roots with enough space to grow and expand indoor herb garden, while the intelligent indoor herb garden water pump delivers consistent oxygen at the root level. The double layered indoor herb garden casing on our indoor herb garden water tank ensures opacity from UV lights. Place your hydroponics growing system anywhere in your home to add a touch of green.
  • 🌱【A Healthy and Healing Gift】 – Send the perfect hydroponics growing system gift for any occasion with this beautiful and practical hydroponics growing system! Give your friends or family the indoor herb garden gift of a healthier, more sustainable, and more organic lifestyle.
  • 🌱【Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit】 – Inbloom indoor herb garden kit includes 5 grow baskets, domes, grow sponges, rods, stickers, 1 A&B solid nutrient (No need for a mixer just put A$B solid nutrients in the water and it will melt on its own!) to help your seeds grow strong and bountiful throughout the seasons. inbloom strives to provide the highest level of indoor herb garden customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions about indoor herb garden. Note (no seeds included).


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