Tactical Pen

MISUKI Tactical Pen Save up to 79% at $8.5 Now on Amazon. The WILLUCK 8-in-1 Tactical Pen is a great choice to be ready for anything. It not only has writing function, but also enhances emergency rescue functions such as: compass, whistle and igniter. A compass can point the way to a lost person. An emergency whistle can bring hope to people who need help in an emergency. When people are injured on foot, they can also whistle for help. Whistling is very helpful when encountering evil spirits, especially women, children and the elderly. In a critical moment, a fire starter can also bring more hope. These features may be rarely used in our daily lives, but they can protect you and your loved ones in times of crisis. All this power packed into a tactical pen that can be carried anywhere.

About this item

  • 8-in-1 Tactical Pen for men: It is well crafted compact tactical pen, combining the most needed EDC tools, very sturdy. 
  • Safe tool in the pocket:  Whenever you are facing dangerous situation, this is a great addition to your personal survival gear. So, carry it in pocket, briefcase, laptop bag, etc. 
  • Made of ultra-strong aircraft aluminum: Patented thread design at the handle and thumb head allow a thumb grip: the optimal way to fully transfer your power to the target.
  • Won’t break. Won’t rust. Even dropping in water accidentally, take it out of water, the EDC pen still can write properly .
  • No leakage problem.


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