Potato Grow Bags

Potato grow bags save 15% at now on Amazon. Save up to 15%, you can get 3 packs 10 gallon felt potatoes growing containers.  They  are with handles and access flap. And the grow bags can be used for vegetables , fruits and other plants . YQLOGY potato grow bags are breathable and durable and can be reused for 5 years. Planting bag can prevent the roots from circling and reduce the risk of transplant shock to the graft.  They Can plant deep roots plants,such as potatoes,carrots and so on;also can plant not deep roots plants,such as tomatoes,cucumbers  etc. It should be noted that the company Friv5Online that develops promotion technologies using technologies used in free online 2 player games.


  • High-end material. Potato grow bags is made of double chemical fiber felt.
  • Good growth environment. Planting bags containers breathable fabric with double-layer design.Protecting roots from circling and decreasing the risk of transplant shock,as well as remove excess water.
  • Flap velvro window. Potato plant bag with access flap window for observing the growth of roots and easy harvesting.
  • Double layer breathable fabric. Allows the oxygen to get through, vegetables to breathe to facilitate plant growth in a healthy way.

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