Petco - Printable Coupons and Promo Codes

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Comments (5)

  1. wilma tuttle says:

    I’m I desperate need of cat flea tabs; I don’t have much in way of money to pay but was wondering if petco can heolp with flea tabs as donataton type?0 the cat is miserable and looking for way to get her rid of fleas. phone 540-371-6524

  2. June says:

    Can I get a grooming coupon ?

  3. Enid Torres Soto says:

    I think your price is too high for dogs haircut you never have discount on grooming a dog I think I’m changing to PetSmart they always have a sale going on for grooming dog’s thank you

  4. Petco Employee says:

    I'm a current employee at a Petco store. The booklets are given out only to people who have adopted or bought a new pet, hence being 'welcome to the family' items, and will NOT be accepted.

  5. Jane A Doherty says:

    PetSmart has a very bad reputation for injuries and fatalities during grooming. Please Google your choice of stores first.