Pyle PTA1000

Pyle PTA1000 Pro Audio Amplifier is on sale on Amazon now. It takes up to 43% off at $87.70 with this deal. The Pyle Pro audio amplifier has a maximum power output of 1000 watts. The amp’s rack-mountable 2-channel design and bridge-capable mode make it ideal for all sound and studio applications. It also has built-in Bluetooth wireless music streaming capabilities for all of today’s latest devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Hassle-free receiver pairing lets you stream wireless audio in no time.

Features of This Item

  • Safety Aware Power Switch: 3 second delay when the power amplifier is turned on reduces/eliminates turn-on transients associated with system equipment connected to the amplifier and protects speakers.
  • POWER LED: The built-in power LED lights up when AC mains power is being supplied to the amplifier and both channels are active.
  • Shockproof binding posts: Shockproof binding posts are available.
  • Automatic Cooling Fans: Two 2-speed DC fans provide cool air to the amplifier. Fans automatically switch to high speed when the device needs extra cooling.

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