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SALEYLA Pilates Bar Kit

Pilates barbells with resistance bands can be used as exercise kits for many different types of exercises. They can also exercise your heart and help you stay healthy. Saleyla Pilates Barbell Kit is an all-in-one fitness equipment that can also be used for CrossFit exercises. It helps to shape your arms, chest, abs, buttocks, legs and buttocks. And very light and portable, with excellent setting design and functions. It can be used in your comfortable home, gym, park or even office! Due to its portability, you can even carry it when traveling or adventurous!

About this item

  • SALEYLA FITNESS Pilates Bar Upgrade is a multi-functional Pilates bar kit, which is the best choice for portable fitness equipment in home gyms
  • SALEYLA Pilates barbell kit can be adjusted flexibly, suitable for various heights.
  • Very light and portable, with excellent settings and functions.
  • Saleyla Pilates bar kit has been developed into an all-in-one fitness equipment that can shape, build muscle and lose weight without a gym.

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