Passive income is money obtained through a previous investment or work that continues to create money without any extra effort. In contrast, active income is money obtained in exchange for completing a service. Hourly wages, salaries, commissions, and tips, for example, are all instances of active revenue.

Passive income can support your lifestyle for a very long time provided you are ready to put in the effort early on. The good news is that there are numerous ways to produce passive income these days.

If you’ve ever had a salary or hourly compensation, you’ve had active income. And, while active income may not be the holy grail of revenue streams, it is nonetheless crucial. Consider this: if you want to obtain passive income from investments, you must first invest the money you make from your active income. Or, if you want to establish a blog with a large enough following to make money through affiliate marketing, display advertising, or online course sales, you’ll need to work hard to generate active income while you’re building it.

Passive income is significant because it does not necessitate your physical presence or effort all of the time. In essence, if you have a passive income stream, you may produce money at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. So, even while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or watching TV, you may generate passive revenue.

Top 3 Passive Income Apps


1. MyConstant

MyConstant is a lending software that allows users to lend to one another. You may lend money to people and businesses all over the world with the app. You can set an interest rate of up to 7% depending on the loan terms and borrower.

If the concept of peer-to-peer lending appeals to you, MyConstant is a simple method to generate a passive income stream. You’ll even be able to lend in USD or bitcoins. What’s fantastic about MyConstant is that the company has a recovery record of more than 100%. This signifies that no one has lost money since the company’s inception. This is significant when it comes to protecting your financial wellness.



InboxDollars provides opportunities to make money through paid activities that you already conduct. Among them are:

  • Taking online polls
  • Examining emails
  • Product testing
  • Video viewing
  • Playing video games

You can also get paid to browse the internet and get money back when you shop online. These final two features elevate InboxDollars to the level of a legitimate passive income possibility. With automated cash back for online shopping, you can save money on purchases you were already planning to make.



Nielsen provides the opportunity to turn your internet usage into a source of passive revenue.

Simply download the app and connect your devices. Once installed, the app will track your data.

  • You’ll get $50 a year for keeping this app loaded.
  • Entry into a monthly $10,000 sweepstakes
  • Tokens for instant-win games

Getting these benefits is as simple as downloading the app and keeping it on your phone.

To be honest, passive income is preferable to active revenue. Consider this: if you have a passive income stream that creates money for you when you are not working, you may go on vacation and return to a larger bank account. You can sleep and earn money while you sleep.

That said, active income is frequently the foundation for passive income, so don’t dismiss it. You must earn an income while building your passive income streams, whether you desire to make money through investments, a blog, or anything else. As a result, active income is quite crucial.

If you want to dabble in passive income and other revenue sources, using any of these passive income applications is a wonderful place to start!


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