Towallmark Heat Press Reg.Price: $299.99 / Final Price: $209.99

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Towallmark Heat Press

The five-in-one hot press has a digital controller and a large LCD display. You can set the time and temperature, allowing you to preset the correct temperature and time for different materials. The insulation layer adopts double-layer insulation cotton, which is more resistant to high temperature and pressure. The oscillating design of the hot press can realize 360-degree rotation in all directions, so that the heated product is heated evenly.

About this item

  • Swing arm type guide rail design allows the heat press to rotate 360 degrees in all directions
  • The large-screen display of the electric control box is simple and intuitive, and the instrument is easy to operate.
  • The circuit board is designed in accordance with the UL standard, dual-channel control, using thyristors to accurately control the temperature, the temperature difference can be controlled at plus or minus 5 degrees, and a 10A relay is used as the second channel to ensure control.

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