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Vipbear Curtain String Lights

Warm curtain string lights add luster to your wonderful activities. Hang them high on curtains or decorative shelves to create a gorgeous lighting atmosphere. Can be used in a variety of scenes, as wedding decoration, background curtain lights, indoor chandeliers, holiday party decoration lights, presenting warm lighting effects, giving you a romantic and warm life enjoyment, you can also string, wind and assemble according to your own preferences. Into different pattern effects. This kind of curtain light string has good waterproof effect, safety and durability.

About this item

  • Good security: Low voltage and low power consumption, it is safe to touch the lamp body, and it will not heat up after long time use.
  • Multi-mode: A variety of lighting modes can bring different festive atmosphere.
  • Remote control: Within the effective control range of the remote control, you can change the mode anytime and anywhere, or turn off/on the power. 


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