What Is Washi Tape and Ways to Use It In DIYs 2021

Pinterest, Etsy, and YouTube DIY tutorials often show easy and frugal ways to decorate your house, office, garden, and many other things. If you’re an avid follower of these creative ideas and tutorials, then you must have heard of or noticed a washi tape. But if you are still wondering what is a washi tape, then here’s what you need to know about it.

Well, a washi tape, also known as masking tape, is an innovative product used for decorative purposes to enhance and beautify any space or thing. From regular notepads to mason jars, a washi tape is a great item to add some artistic touch to several day-to-day things. Available in various colors and patterns, these tapes have taken DIYs and crafts to a new level. 

So moms, get your creativity flowing and read further to know all about a washi tape and the ways to use it in your DIY projects. 

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What is a Washi Tape and Where Did it Originate?

Art and Craft or Do It Yourself (DIYs) ideas often allow you to utilize a lot of unexpected and throwaway kinds of stuff. Old crayons, pieces of fabric, and whatnot, DIY-doers can make the best out of the worst! If you also have a keen interest in DIYs, then you must already know that there have been a plethora of new items available on the market for doing these crafts. One that has gotten the attention of many is a washi tape. 

Before we delve into details about this tape, especially about its uses, here is something interesting about its origin. Popularized as a masking tape, these tapes were first created by a small group of women in Japan. Initially, they used to decorate regular masking tapes by drawing patterns on them and filling them with colors. 

It all began in 2006 when an email was sent to a Japanese firm by this small group of women, asking the firm to check out their newly formed decorative tape. Although the firm initially ignored them, yet this group of women gradually convinced the company to invest in these tapes. These women were encouraged to create more of these decorative tapes and the owner of this Japanese company introduced these tapes in an exhibition as an embellished roll for art and crafts. 

Initially, many challenges were faced in creating these tapes – from choosing the right kind of hue to the right consistency of the rice paper to get that perfect tint. Once things were perfected and hurdles overcome, the firm owner called it a ‘washi tape’.

An interesting fact about these washi tapes is that they can be recycled. Made from shrub/trees like Gampi/Ganpi, Kozo, Mistumata and at times Hemp, the washi tape is the byproduct of highly renewable resources and is completely biodegradable. Plus, it’s waterproof, durable, and kid-friendly, which makes it worth the cost.  

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How Popular is Washi Tape and Ways to Use It?

With the increasing popularity of the Washi tape, several contests came up to bring together like-minded artists and give them opportunities to try varied creative ideas using them. Since its availability on the market, numerous art bloggers and DIY influencers on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are showing diverse ways of using these tapes to beautify regular things used at one’s homes.

Moreover, these DIYs and crafts often are very therapeutic. After a long week of toiling hard at the office and home, you can sit and de-stress yourself by creating some easy crafts like pattern-paint glass bottles, adorn journals/diaries, and so on. This is where a washi tape comes in handy. With different colors, patterns, and designs you can bring out your inner artisan and get all creative and de-stress.

As we mentioned that washi tapes can be used in many ways and for many things, here are some of the unique and exemplary ways to use them at home. 

  • Artsy Phone Covers: Monochrome and transparent phone back covers are just so boring. Why not add some colors or designs! Moms, give your phone’s back cover a creative makeover with a designer washi tape. Measure the size and stick the cover with any pretty design/pattern and colors to give an artistic edge to your phone cover. In just a few dollars, your unique phone back cover will be ready and there’s no need to spend on an expensive cover. Moreover, you can change the pattern and color whenever you want. Moms, try this out on your phone cover and you can even gift it to your friends as well!

Washi nails

  • Nail Art: Have you been spending $50 to $60 at a Nail Salon getting a manicure that hardly survives a week or two? If yes, then you are just sloshing out money. So moms, say goodbye to the nail salon and try manicure using washi tapes. It’s quick, easy, and turns out quite striking as well. Just cut out the tape in the shape you want, stick it, and apply a top coat of clear nail polish. And you’re done with a sleek and attractive manicure. 

You can even do it on your little girl if she too demands a manicure. Also, get creative with your patterns or add colors and glitters to brighten up your nails in just a few minutes, without spending extravagantly. 

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  • Party Decorations: Planning to throw a party for your office pals but clueless about decorations.  We have a suggestion moms; you can use washi tapes for your decorations instead of those expensive party balloons and poppers. 

Go easy with patterns and colors even if you decide to keep a theme. Try making small cut-outs for desserts. You can transform boring paper/plastic cups into your party themed cups, all by using a washi tape. Not just for desserts and cups, you can also try to create miniature straw decors such as a small umbrella. You can even glam up regular party spoons by wrapping them with patterned Washi tape. With these washi tapes decorations, you don’t need to invest in dozens of those designer items like napkins, embellished plates, and cups. 

That’s not all! If you’re planning to give a return gift, try making gift bags using colorful papers and washi tape. Turn your party more special and charming by using these tape ideas for party decoration. 

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Well, you can try out these ideas at home, teach your kids and enjoy the artistic indulgence. Also, don’t forget to check out the different types/ patterned washi tapes available at all major retail stores like Walmart, Target, and more. 

So now that you know what is a Washi tape, we hope you’ll try out some DIYs and get creative. And moms, don’t forget to redefine your Valentine’s Day present by using washi tapes. You can always add a pop of color or pattern to the gift box and make it look great. 

So what are you waiting for? Go grab some beautiful washi tapes and get creative.