XSTRAP 10-Inch Mini Bungee CordsXSTRAP 10-Inch Mini Bungee Cords Save up to 52% at $9.68 Now. The XSTRAP Mini Bungee Cord is perfect for everyday use at home and can easily fit in studios of all sizes when camping. And its camouflage color can be used for a long time without fading; In addition, the hook is made of high-quality rubber material to prevent scratches. It is made of high-quality rope with high-quality rubber and UV-resistant outer sheath to withstand the weather and repeated use.

About this item

  • VALUED 20-PIECE PACK. Each bungee cord is 10-inch long including hooks. 
  • WIDE USE OF APPLIACTION. XSTRAP mini bungee cords are ideal for everyday use around the house, while camping and can be easily kept handy in workshops of all sizes. They can even help organize your trunk
  • DURABLE COLOR. Come in camouflage color, which can be used for a long time without fade; Rubber-tipped hooks to prevent scratching
  • QUALITY MATERIALS. Made from premium grade cord with top quality rubber and UV resistant outer jackets to withstand weather and repeated use.


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