Shoe Horn


Zeerun long metal shoe horn is on sale at $14.44 now on Amazon. Save up to 28% on Zeerun portable long metal shoe horn at $14.44.

The shoe horn is about 8.5-39 in size and is also a telescopic aluminum alloy dressing aid stick. It is with smooth and polished surface and the maxium length is 39 inch. So it is suitable for seniors, men, women even kids.The handle is covered by soft EVA sleeve which provide comfortable grip feeling. And it is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which make our shoe horn durable, strong, and never bend.


  • Expandable shoehorns.  It can be easily adjusted from 16.5″-39″ to fit your preferred size and lock with a simple twist.
  • Portable. The shoes horn has a minimum length of 8.5 inches when retracted and folded, perfect for travel use.
  • Strong and safe. Made of  aluminum alloy and their edges are rounded and won’t hurt you.
  • Smooth and polished. Because of it’s smooth , it makes putting on your shoes/boots as easy as possible.
  • Comfortable grip. The handle is covered by a soft EVA sleeve for a comfortable grip.

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