48 PCS Larger Food Storage Containers, 2.7 ~ 85 OZ (24 Stackable Plastic Containers and 24 Lids) – 100% Airtight & BPA-Free & Microwave, Dishwasher Safe Food Storage with Chalkboard Labels & Marker

48 PCS Larger Food Storage Containers

Larger Food Storage Containers Stackable and Space saver

You will get 24 food containers and 24 lids and 3 pieces of Labels & 1 washable marker pen. The sets Include 8 rectangular containers and 10 square containers and 6 round sauce containers.

The nestable design simplifies the difficulty of storage. You can nest 24 containers into 4 sets in the order of design and size, which means that you only need four places to store 24 containers perfectly, will greatly reduce the space pressure in your kitchen. And you will say goodbye to struggling to find a matching lid.

Help your family enjoy your well-made food even on stressful working days.

The hinge-locking system and seal ring makes it good to go as your kids’ lunch box or your partner for lunch on the office. Leak-proof technology works very much even if the container is placed upside down. Light weight than glass, easy to hold and carry for your child.


Item Features:

48 PCS Larger Food Storage Containers

  • From 2.7 OZ to 85 OZ: You will get 24 lids and 24 Larger food containers that the total volume is 682.2 OZ, 3 pieces of Labels & 1 washable marker pen [Wet wipes is available to clean]; Including 8 rectangular containers and 10 square containers and 6 round sauce containers.
  • Stackable and Space saver: Storage containers with lids have a sequential stack and organizable design, nesting these containers in one another vertically. which enables your kitchen to be organized and frees up space for other treats in the pantry.
  • Upgraded – 100% leak proof: Storage containers come with removable silicone rings and 4 hinge locking systems that easily be closed by adding little pressure than old version. Forming an airtight and watertight seal between container and lid. Never endure spilled soup or sauce dirty your lunch box again when you’re on move.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe: [Tips] Please open and remove the lid while you microwave the food. And please do not directly heat food that has a lot of oil or sugar. We recommend that you place the lid on the top of the dishwasher to clean it instead of other places.
  • More Durable & Easy to carry: The enhanced version of the snap will be more durable than the normal version and light weight than glass. Perfect for a variety of occasions & events: workers, students and trippers and more.


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