All You Need to Know About Postmates Referral Code

All moms know that it is not always possible to squeeze in time for last minute shopping. Or to go all the way to the store again just to buy that one item on your grocery list that you forgot. This is where Postmates comes to your rescue. It saves your time and makes life easy.

Postmates is a platform that connects customers to local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in a matter of minutes. What makes Postmates special from other delivery companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats is that Postmates is not only for food delivery, it is also in for  grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, and more. You can also order your dinner or a last-minute gift through Postmates.

On-demand technologies offer a way for brick and mortar retailers to modernize and thrive in the 21st century by plugging them into smart algorithms and a massive delivery network that extends their scope and links consumers to on-demand convenience.

How Postmates Referral Code Works:

  • You are referred to an existing driver. The Output Driver is called the Referrer.
  • If you’re the new driver, then the new driver will be called the referee. You sign up for Postmates with the reference code FL-eleonorap or use any referral page to enter the code for you automatically.
  • You must complete the Postmates on the boarding process and pass the Postmates history check.
  • Once authorized, the specified number of deliveries must be completed within 30 days. The number of deliveries required to earn the bonus within 30 days is typically between 20 and 70 depending on the market. The amount of the bonus depends on the city of the new driver, not the current driver’s city.
  • The bonus will automatically be credited to your account after you have completed the minimum number of deliveries.

How Much Can Be Earned by Using Postmates Referral Code?

Postmates bonuses vary from $250 to $1000 depending on the city where you sign up. If you want your earnings to be high, then cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, New York are the ones you should aim for.

What is the Difference Between Referral Bonus and Guarantees?

Uber has changed its ‘sign up bonus formula’ since 2016 by offering new drivers the guarantee of a bonus. Postmates and DoorDash followed in the footsteps of Uber.

With a bonus deal, you are guaranteed to make a certain sum if you make a certain number of deliveries. Postmates offers tips and bonuses for this sum of money.

What is the Postmates Referral Program?

When anyone logs into your referral page, your code will be automatically added to their account, instantly giving them a unique credit offer, good for the defined period. When their first order has been filled, you will receive a unique credit offer back as well, good for the specified period.

You can view the details of your current referral program and invite your friends through the Account page.

How do Bonuses and Incentives Work?

Postmates provides a range of rewards tailored to help you increase your earnings. If you qualify for an incentive, you will be notified by email or in your app, so keep your eyes peeled! You will find the Incentive Tracker by clicking on the navigation icon in the upper left corner of the app.

Refer to it for:

  • Active promotions and your progress for each one
  • Upcoming promotions
  • Recently expired promotions and your results for each one

The types of incentives offered:

  • Bonus per Delivery– Earn an additional payment bonus for each delivery received within the specified timeline and completed within the specified region.
  • Guaranteed Earnings– Complete a certain number of deliveries within a defined period of time and receive a fixed minimum payment.
  • Crushers- Complete a certain number of deliveries within a specified period of time and earn an additional bonus.
  • Invites- Invite friends to become a Postmate and receive a guaranteed sum for each guest who completes a certain number of deliveries within a specified period of time.

So now that you know how a Postmate referral code works, we hope you’ll choose your next restaurant delivery or any other goods delivery to be done by Postmates. Not only is it simple to use but also saves a lot of time that you can spend with your family.

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