All About Frango Mints, its Offers, Recipes and More

As moms, your shopping carts are mostly filled with candies, chocolates, and cookies for your kids while shopping. To be honest, some of these sweet relishes are also for you to satisfy your cravings and guilty pleasures, right?  If you’re a mom who visits Macy’s often, then you’re familiar with Frango Mint chocolates. Made with extra effort and sumptuous ingredients of the best quality, these chocolates have won hearts. Pick a box to make your kids happy, to send as a gift to your loved ones, or to just enjoy it yourself.

About Frango Mints

In America, Frango has been melting hearts for more than a hundred years — since the first time in Seattle’s Frederick and Nelson department stores, it was served as a frozen dessert.

Candymaker Ray C. Alden, captivated by the taste, dedicated himself to making a frozen confection-inspired chocolate. In his secret recipe he included cocoa beans, butter and triple distilled Oregon peppermint oil, originating from the African and South American coasts. Frango mint chocolate was born after comprehensive and enthusiastic taste tests. It soon became a popular Northwest tradition, well ahead of time as artisanal chocolate.

Similar but distinct, the Frango recipes retain for generations to come the passion, culture and rich heritage of frango. All the Frango recipes remain secrets – and every chocolate is made with love and care.

Frango also holds a desirable position as one of America’s favorite food in spite of his tenure as luxury chocolate.

Frango and Macy’s

Seattle’s community leaders promised that Frango chocolates will continue to be distributed in the northwest by Seattle’s only full-line department store, The Bon Marche. In 2003, The Bon Marche became a Macy’s store, and in 2006, Chicago’s Marshall Field’s did likewise.

 Macy’s took control of Frango through its mergers and continued to maintain the roots of the Frango in both Seattle and Chicago. Macy’s has extended the legacy of Frango through massive online distribution at

Garrett Brands purchased Frango from Macy’s Inc. in January 2017, but Macy’s continues to market the mouthwatering goods from Frango.

So if you are looking for some really delicious treat, you know where you and your family can stop by now. Plus, we are sure most of you scroll through Macy’s quite often and are aware of what it has to offer, right?

Offers on Frango Mints

Mommies, here’s some exciting news. Macy’s, the popular retail giant, is offering exclusive offers on Frango Mints.

  • Frango Chocolates Spring 15-Pc. Mint Wrapped Box of Chocolates which was initially priced at $12.00 is available for $8.40. You get an extra 30% off by using coupon code FORYOU.
  • Frango Chocolates 1 LB Wrapped Milk Mint which was initially priced at $24.00 is now available for $16.80. You get an extra 30% off by using coupon code FORYOU.

What are you waiting for moms? Order these for your family now! After all a little sweet doesn’t hurt right?

Here’s a really tasty and amazing Frozen Chocolate Frango Mints Recipe that you can make for your kids. We assure you they are going to love it. Besides, it’s going to svae you some extra bucks.

  • Beat butter and sugar together with an electric mixer, until light and smooth.
  • Continue to add melted chocolate until fully mixed.
  • Flush the egg yolks with it and beat them again.
  • Beat the extract of peppermint.
  • Sprinkle in candy liners around 1 teaspoon of cookie crumbs and cover with a blend of chocolate.
  • Freeze for a minimum of 1 hour
  •  Serve from the fridge directly and freeze the leftover. They can be filled with cherries, crushed candy canes, even whipped crème.

Tip: Serve in pre-made chocolate shells rather than candy liners to make a more decadent dessert.

For moms who have some questions related to Frango Mints, here’s what you should know about it:
1. What dietary restrictions should I be aware of?

Milk, soy and almond can be included in the products. They can also be made in a mill which processes milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, and wheat. The dietary information for the item is recommended before purchase. It can be sold on or in a Frango boutique on the back of each box.

2. How long is the product good for (i.e. what is the shelf life)?

Due to various recipes, the shelf life of the product is limited. On the back of each box, the exact expiration date can be found. The estimated shelf life of these products is at present 4 months from the date of manufacture. Refer the Best Buy date on the box while purchasing items.

3. Are Frango Mints kosher?

Yes, Frango Mints are kosher and dairy-free. Sugar-free options are also available.

4. How many calories are in a Frango mint?

One Frango Mint has approximately 53 calories.

5. Where are Frango Mints made?

Frango mints made by Cupid Candies are shipped to Chicago-area Macy’s stores. All other Frango candies, as well as Frango cookies, continue to be made by Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, located in Pennsylvania.

Chocolates help the body secrete happy hormones and can be the perfect cure for all your bad days. Along with this, they’re also popular among all age groups. We don’t see a reason why one shouldn’t shop for chocolates.

To all the moms who are gearing up for their next shopping trip, be sure to stop by the Frango Mint chocolate section to grab these bite-sized dollops of happiness. Also, Macy’s sells Frango assortments in different sizes including specially packaged boxes for holidays. For decades, the chocolates have acted as thoughtful gifts – so be sure to pick up some on your next Macy’s visit.