Create a Comfortable and Chic Workspace with these 5 Home Office Ideas

Working from home is the ‘new normal’ — whether it’s temporarily or just as a freelancer. The need for a perfect office space has become essential for all those working from home. Obviously, you can’t sit on your bed or couch with your laptop and work for hours at a stretch. Plus, some of you have a workstation and need a table for it. So, if you’re working from home, creating a workspace with comfortable seating and a well-equipped desk are the most essential aspects to fulfill. 

No matter what or how you’re working, creating a home office space can truly change your will to work, and for some, it increases their productivity too. Well, setting up a home office space doesn’t mean randomly picking furniture online or using an entire room for it. Also, you don’t spend a fortune on this. You can always change a small space in your house or room into your home office and that too without emptying your wallets! 

Really confused to think of budget-friendly ideas to create a small home office? Nothing to worry about, we have picked up some really cool and chic home office ideas to create a comfortable and artsy workspace. Try these ideas out to enjoy your remote working period at ultimate comfort and draw timely inspiration from some cool artwork/décor. 

Before you start with the actual setup and décor, you need to plan a few things first. You just can’t randomly pick a spot and place your furniture without paying heed to the lighting and amount of space you need. 

Start the work with some serious planning about the spot and furniture. Obviously, you don’t want to end up buying furniture that is amazingly cheap and chic and then realize it doesn’t fit in the spot. You need to pick a spot in your room or around your living room that is well lit and sufficiently ventilated to be able to work comfortably. Besides, there’s a lot more that you can do. So, follow these home office ideas to turn your spot into a chic and artsy space to be productive. 

  1. Pick Comfy and Appealing Furniture 

What is an office without apt furniture? Well, the same goes with your home workspace — a set of comfortable and affordable furniture that perfectly blends with the décor of your house/room is the best option to look for. You need a pair of desk and chair, and for it, you can utilize old ones that are already in your home or do a DIY or grab some at thrift stores. Opting for a desk with storage cabinets is an advantage that fulfills your requirement for storage space as well. Besides, it’s better to opt for medium-sized desks that can fit a lot of stuff on the table too. 

Even for chairs, you can use one that you already have or else opt for a comfortable one. Just make sure that it has the right height for your space. When it comes to setting up furniture for office space, you need to choose functionality overlooks. Obviously, you can’t expect a diner chair to fit in for an office chair and give you the same comfort for long hours. So, once you’re done setting up your furniture at the spot, think of creative ways to enhance them. 

Here’s a pro-tip- in case you decide to buy your office furniture — don’t forget to take measurements along because you don’t want to end up disappointed if a chic desk or chair doesn’t fit the spot. Also, you can always check out online stores to get ideas before choosing your desk and chair. 


  1. Check out the Internet and Electrical Connection

Imagine how would you work, if your work desk doesn’t have access to an electrical connection or lighting or a stable internet connection? Ever since work from home has become the new normal, the need for a reliable and stable Internet connection has gone high. With endless surfing, regular online meetings, and conferences, the Internet is currently the most essential requirement for your home office. So, reach out to your operator and pick a suitable pack. And for installing, you can check out quality routers and Wi-Fi extenders online to get them at reasonable prices. 

Besides the Internet, your home office also needs power access and proper lighting. Either pick a spot that has natural lighting or installs a good one, so that your eyes don’t strain after long hours of work. Also, don’t forget to set your desk near to a power outlet, so that you can connect your laptop or desktops while working.  

  1. Build Storage Space

Having proper storage space is important, especially for office spaces. Cables, chargers, stationeries, and other accessories are a few items you need when working. And, keeping them handy makes it a lot easier for you to use them whenever you want. Storage cabinets or drawers on your desk are usually the best storage option you can have. But in case you don’t have such a desk, DIY storage boxes are also a great alternative. Just use cardboard boxes, wrap those in colorful papers and your DIY storage box is ready! You can also grab such boxes from dollar stores or flea markets and that too in different sizes. Isn’t it amazing? 

So, grab storage boxes and start organizing your home office accessories and keep all of it at your reach. 


  1. Amplify the Space with Décor

Once your furniture is set, electrical and internet connections are done, accessories are set on right spots; the one thing you are left with is décor. After all, who likes to work in a dull and bland space? Unleash your inner creative person to transform your home office completely. Indoor plants, posters, pictures, artwork, add everything you want and like. You can use it all to set up a workspace that inspires you while working. 

While indoor plants are a great option to keep yourself surrounded by greens, we suggest motivational posters and contemporary artwork will also keep you going. That’s not all! You can always try your hand at art DIYs that will not only transform your home office but also save a couple of dollars. 

With most of you remotely working, having a dedicated home office makes a huge difference, affecting your productivity. With these home office ideas, we are sure that you will rock your office work in every way. So, try out these ideas for an impeccable and alluring home office!


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