Braces for Kids – How Much Do These Cost?

Caring for your child’s dental health is very essential. Whether it is checking cavities or getting them braces – as a mom you have a thousand things to ensure when taking your child to an orthodontist. In this article, we are going to talk all about braces. 

While your concern is about choosing the right braces for your child, the cost part is also something you might be worried about, especially in the U.S. Besides, there are various ranges of braces available to ensure proper alignment of your child’s teeth. So, we are here with a comprehensive guide on how much do braces cost for kids and the benefits of these aligners for kids.

What is the right age for your child to have orthodontic braces

Before you proceed to know how much do braces cost for kids, you must know a little about the right age to get him/her one. Although braces can be effective for any age group, they mostly work best for children whose bones are still growing and forming shapes. However, many children go through orthodontic treatment at the age of 7 or 8 years, due to medical reasons. Most treatments begin around the age of 10-14 years when most of the teeth have grown and formed. That means, starting the treatment at early and at the right age can help in correctly aligning the teeth and create space for other ones, as well as improve facial aesthetics.

How Much Do Braces Cost For Kids? 

Well, medical expense is undoubtedly a concern area for all in the U.S, because treatments are inevitably costly. Different clinics and insurers have different policies when it comes to providing dental insurance. Various states provide full or partial coverage through medical claims as it helps to cover a certain amount of cost, except deductibles. In case, you don’t have any medical insurances, you can still go for affordable braces by researching selective articles related to dental care for babies and children.

However, children’s braces are a little cheaper than adults’ ones due to the difference in the set of teeth. Further, it also depends on the type of braces you go for. But the duration of the procedure and scheduling appointments hardly makes any difference. 

So, if you’re thinking of braces for your little one, then we have listed the costing according to its types. 

Types of Braces for Kids

There are different types of braces available in the market for kids. You can go for modern braces with advanced features or stick to traditional ones, as per your budget.



Traditional metal braces are the most commonly used braces for children and also the cheapest option available in the market. Depending on the age group, it can cost up to $2500-$7000. Each tooth is fixed to a bracket along with a metal wire that joins them together. One can make adjustments by tightening the wire in certain places, manipulating the teeth into the correct position.

Earlier, metal braces were really uncomfortable and enormous to wear. But now due to advanced technology, brace brackets are much compact and smaller. To make it even more interesting for kids they have even added an element of different braces colors dealing with all types of alignment problems. The treatment usually takes 18-24 months and in this process, children will be required to clean their braces and teeth regularly because food and bacteria can get stuck in between the brackets. Electronic toothbrushes can this job easier for your kid.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic (clear and tooth-colored)

Ceramic braces function in a similar way as metal braces, but the material used in these braces makes them less visible. They come in a clear or tooth-colored material that helps them to blend in well along with a metal wire coated in tooth color. Materials used in these braces cost around $3500-$8000, which is a bit higher than metal braces. These braces turn out as your child’s best friend because your little one need not be undergoing any tranquilizer dosage to proceed with this orthodontic procedure.


Lingual (Incognito)

Lingual braces are a perfect solution for your kid if they do not like anyone to see their braces. It uses metal wire and brackets but it is placed behind the teeth and next to the tongue, which makes it invisible to naked eyes. If there is any staining due to poor oral hygiene, no need to worry as it remains hidden on the back of the teeth. However, the treatment can cost up to $4000-$13000, as the treatment takes a longer duration than those attached to the frontal side of the teeth. This treatment is a little expensive as compared to metal and ceramic braces, and is mostly suitable for children with full-grown teeth.

Lingual braces

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen can be used by older children who have lost their baby teeth. This treatment method offers a completely different approach to fix teeth. Instead of uncomfortable fixed brackets, a series of clear mobile aligners help teeth with the positioning. These invisible braces can be removed for 2-4 hours a day and it comes with a wear indicator on each aligner showing being worn enough. The only setback is that the aligners must be removed before eating or drinking anything other than water. Not doing this can stain the aligners and teeth. Invisalign Teen is an amazing option for kids who are conscious to face other people. And the cost comes to nearly around $3,000-$6,000 to get it done. Also, don’t forget to explain to your child the importance of wearing them regularly and cleaning them after eating.

At-Home Clear Aligners

At-home clear aligners are clear and removable but a lot cheaper than Invisalign due to the elimination of in-office visits to a dental clinic. If needed, at-home clear aligner treatment can be performed remotely with the cost coming around $2,000. Brands like Candid and Smile Direct Club, have physical places and well-trained representatives to help your child with digital dental scans and solve your queries. However, this treatment is popular but it can’t fix jaw alignment problems or crooked teeth. So, you can say no to dental appointments by going for At-home clear aligner’s treatment for your child. 

Now that you know how much do braces cost for kids, you’ll understand it is relatively common for children to get dental treatments done at a very young age. So, you must speak to an orthodontist to understand whether your child needs braces or not. Don’t just rush into these things, as sloshing out thousands of dollars without the need isn’t a smart choice. Only if your kid needs one, then make them feel confident with these super amazing braces.

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