Household needs are unending and nobody understands this better than you moms, right? Dropping by stores like Menards and Home Depot to pick stuff for the house often costs you a lot more. But these stores, offer deals and rebates on almost every product most often and Menards is one such. These rebate forms can definitely help stack up your savings. Moreover, keeping a track of these rebates definitely helps to get things at a much cheaper rate.

The best part, even if an issue arises, when you forget to mail these rebates receipts within the stipulated time, you can still make use of the expired forms. Moms, you can always revive the expired rebate cards to avail the merchandise credit to save couple of dollars on your next purchases.

So, let’s see how to get Menards expired rebate forms and reuse them.

About Menards and its Rebate Program

Menards and its Rebate Program

Serving since 1958, Menards has always been dedicated to provide high quality home improvement service. It is a well-recognized brand that carries all tools, materials and supplies required for home improvement. And it also includes in-house brands such as Midwest Manufacturing, Masterforce, Dakota, Tuscany, Tool Shop and many more.

We know maintaining a house requires limitless number of items, from a light bulb to appliances- Menards has everything under its roof. It even includes pet supplies, lawn and garden supplies, and groceries, which makes it one stop destination to get everything for your home. It’s definitely your go-to-place for home improvement and other related requirements.

Besides, shopping from Menards has another major advantage, which is its rebate program. The rebate provided by Menards is in form of a merchandise credit check and it is valid across all Menards retail stores. So, to avail the credit, collect rebate receipts and mail them to receive the rebate.

Menards and its Rebate Program

Wondering how to collect the rebate receipts or how to track your rebates?

Well, it is quite easy moms! Every week the sale ad displays the items which have rebate on it. These items usually has a notification tag attached which reveals the dates of availability of rebates, the number of items you can buy and the final price that has to be paid at the counter. Once you purchase the item, your purchase receipt includes a rebate receipt that indicates the rebate rate you get on buying the particular item.

 Also, these rebate receipts have a rebate number through which you can avail the rebate/ merchandise credit check. So moms, directly approach the customer service, fill out the rebate form and mail it to the assigned address, already mentioned on the receipt. And within 4 weeks you’ll get the rebate card back, which you can use at any Menards store.

In case you’ve collected a couple of rebate receipts, you can mail them together in one envelope itself. Moms, not only these rebates save a lot on items but also at times you get some items completely free after the rebate. Undoubtedly, the rebate program of Menards is a huge way to stack up your savings.  

How to Get Menards’ Expired Rebate Forms

Menards’ Expired Rebate Forms

Moms, we know how eagerly you all search for discounts and rebates, or at least some way to save while shopping. You go to sales, collect coupons and utilize rebates for further purchases to boost up the savings. But at times, you do miss out coupons or the rebate mailing date, right?

 Well, many of you must have come across such situations. You would have kept the rebate receipts on your work table thinking to mail them soon, but it goes completely off your mind. So, did all your money go in trash? No mommies, Menards rebate receipts do expire if not mailed within the stipulated time but it is possible to retrieve the rebate receipts and mail it to get the merchandise credit check. You just need to get the expired rebate form, fill it and send it to the specific address.

However, it is possible to get rebates credits back only within two weeks from the expiry date. And for this, the easiest way is to talk to Menards’ customer service directly at store. At the store you’ll get the expired rebate form, which is required to redeem your credit check. Moms, all you need to do is just go to them and convince them. We’re sure you can’t just let your money all go waste. But make sure you go within two weeks.

Apart from this, there is another way to get your merchandise credit check back is through Rebate International. Rebate International, a virtual customer service of Menards that works diligently to send your credit check. So, in case your rebate date is expired you just contact Rebate International and ask for the expired rebate form. Menards and Rebate International will surely try to revive the check. Just ensure that you report it at the earliest or within 2 weeks.

Menards’ Expired Rebate Forms

Lastly, you can just visit the site Struggleville, which allows you to get your expired rebate forms through the rebate number. Well, you can get the expired rebate form back through a tool which Struggleville uses. So, you just need to enter your rebate number that expired recently and you’ll get credit check back via the expired rebate form. But on Struggleville, if you’re not able to get the expired rebate form then you need to contact the Menards customer service at store.

We hope that this information on how to get Menards’ expired rebate forms and how to reuse them will prove a great help to you moms. So, the next time you find an expired rebate receipt, don’t freak out or stress! We suggest just reach out to Menards customer service at the earliest and retrieve your savings. 

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