5 Days 5 Deals Just $15  Online : Win every weekday with a different deal from 11am to 6pm. We call it our new weekday win menu. (May-25-2019) $3 Off…

red lobster coupons

5 Days 5 Deals Just $15 
Online : Win every weekday with a different deal from 11am to 6pm. We call it our new weekday win menu. (May-25-2019)

$3 Off 2 Lunch Entrees
Dine In: Get $3 off two lunch meals. Valid in Red Lobster restaurants. (May-9)

Free Appetizer or Dessert After Sign Up
Become a member at red lobster and print a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert instantly after sign up. The coupon that you will receive will look like this. Plus you get a $5 coupon on your birthday.

Get A $5 Red Lobster Coupon On Your Birthday
Join their red lobster club and receive a $5 red lobster printable coupon ($5 discount on 2 adult entree’s.

Saving Tips, Resources & Recommendations

Red Lobster’s Lunch Menu
Red Lobster’s Dinner Menu
Nutrition & Allergy Information
– Red Lobster Restaurant Locations

Expired Red Lobster Coupons

10% Off Red Lobster Coupon
Printable & Mobile: Eat at Red Lobster restaurants this week and get 10% off your entire check. Print or show coupon to server. Valid in US and Canada, excludes alcohol and tips.

15% Off Your Entire Check
In Store: Print or show this Red Lobster coupon to your server for a 15% discount on your entire meal. Valid In Red Lobster restaurants anywhere in the USA and Canada. Excludes: Alcohol, Tips, and Gift Cards.

$30 In Coupons With $100 Gift Card Purchase
3 Days only, get three $10 bonus coupons when you buy a $100 Gift Card.

Free Appetizer or Dessert – Facebook
Print this coupon from facebook. Get a free appetizer or dessert when you purchase two adult dinner entrees at red lobster.

$10 Red Lobster Coupon
Enter your name and email to receive a coupon for a $10 discount with purchase of two Lobsterfest entrees.

About Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a popular New England-style seafood restaurant chain with locations across the US. Before you indulge in their Maine Lobster, daily fresh fish selections, or endless shrimp options, you can’t forget to enjoy their famous Cheddar Bay biscuits. “Sea Food Differently” and save.

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  1. This is quite funny. Be grateful for what you have and not upset about not being able to eat at a discount at a restaurant…who cares eat somewhere else.

  2. $3 tip on a $25+ dinner? OMG, please take pity on your servers. They are paid $2.35 and rely on their tips. If they do a good job, leave them 20% ($5 on a $25 bill).

  3. RL is the ONLY restaurant chain NOT offering discounts to seniors and military. Saving $$ via these coupons is the way to go unless you belong to the 1%.

  4. guess what people i got a coupon to get fee crablegs for free at redlobster. I forgot who i got that coupon from.

  5. Looking for coupons, there is 12 0f us planning to dine out there tonight, no coupons to help us all out, sorry we all going else where, you just lost out on some bussines.

  6. I do not understand why they make it so difficult to find and print a coupon for red lobster. I just want a coupon!

  7. Ditto – just trying to save money like everyone else. Wanted to go to Lobsterfest tonight and have a glass of wine – have a nice evening – a small discount always helps.

  8. Just to let people know, even if you have an expired coupon Red Lobster will still accept it. I worked there for a few years, it something they wont tell you, but they do accept coupons no matter how old they are. Hope this helps people! 🙂

  9. Like many I love Red Lobster also however, I also have sense when it comes to my money. I figure one meal only satisfies my desire for a day but paying my water bill satisfies me for a Month (28 days plus.) I look at it this way.

    When I go I go with the intentions of knowing I have the money set aside for whatever the price of eating may cost. Otherwise, I grab some seafood from the Super market and put my best foot forward!!!

  10. I asked Red Lobster about coupons and they said that they will accept the coupons even if they have expired. I'm going to feel like an a$$ if I try to use a coupon that is expired though!!

  11. Just ate at Red Lobster off of IH 35. The food was fabulous, the server very courteous and guess what??? We used coupons downloaded from the e-mail they sent me. (Texas)

  12. I LOVE RED LOBSTER . always friendly never leave hungary and waiting times not to bad if you get there at the right time. I have eaten in a lot of places and RED Lobster is my favorite. oh i do use coupons. thanks.

  13. WOW!!!!! I have not been to Red Lobster in 6+ years, when I asked my sweet wife of 1 year where she would like to go on a date she said RL — we use coupons all the time when we go out so that lead me to this site — it was fun reading all the post — thanks for the coupon and info, going to RL with my $4 coupon and wife — yes I'm getting LUCKLY tonight !!!!!! Las Vegas

  14. I work for Red Lobster. I have a little hint for you. The Newspaper coupons for $3 or $5.00 will be accepted even if it has expired.

    The ones in the mail are sometimes a fraud. Most R.L will not take those coupons.

    Notice: Depending on the manager on duty, some printable coupons may or not be accepted. Just to be on the safe side.

  15. Over priced, average food, coupon or not. I haven't been there in 5 years, it might be 5 more. It would take a good coupon for me to go again.

  16. Had two of the $15 4 course meals along with 1 soda and 1 water. Service was great and the food was brought out as just as we finished each course. It was a great experience. I looked for the coupons but it didn't matter since the wife wanted to eat there.

    The portions were large enough that we brought some of the meal home. They even gave us several more biscuits to take home. Overall it was a great experience. The day after a holiday is a great time to go since the crowds weren't heavy.

  17. Here is an idea to save yourself sum money!

    1. Order water (seriously, do you really need to drink a soda with your nice seafood dinner? or get tipsy with that big'o strawberry drink? I think not, and don't order an iced tea for crying out loud, do you know how much it costs to make a glass of tea? about 1/2 a cent and how much do they charge you for it? about 2.50. Think about it people…

    2. order a smaller, less expensive entree and keep those cheddar biscuIts coming. Fill up on them- they will bring you as many as your little heart desires.

    3. keep the tipping under control. my general rule of thumb is: average restaurant (which red lob is…(its not THAT nice people) if you think it is you need to get out more- leave 3 bucks. that more that enough for a bill of about 25 for two (yes 25, remember I said to order water? and to choose a smaller entree?)

  18. DAMN some people just want something for nothing, if you can't afford to eat it stay home. You may get a $3 or $5 coupon,it may save a bit on the taxes. Go during lunch time and eat cheap.

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