New Yankee Candle Coupons Up to 60% at Yankee Candle Online: Semi-Annual Clearance!!! Shop at Yankee Candle and get up to 60%. For more exciting offers and deals please visit…

yankee candle coupons

New Yankee Candle Coupons

Up to 60% at Yankee Candle
Online: Semi-Annual Clearance!!! Shop at Yankee Candle and get up to 60%. For more exciting offers and deals please visit to our website. (12-30-2021 Update)

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10% Off For Retired Military
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Save $20 Off| $50 Off| $75 Off at 25% Off at Yankee Candle
Online: Shop at Yankee Candle and save $20 on your purchase of $45+, save $50 on your purchase of $100+, and save $75 on your purchase of $150+. Use code FALLDL19 at checkout. For more exciting offers and deals please visit to our website. (Oct-02-2019)

25% Off on Pumpkin Apple Parfait
Online: Shop at Yankee Candle and get 25% off on pumpkin apple parfait. For more exciting offers and deals please visit to our website. (Oct-02-2019)

25% Off on Tonka Bean & Pumpkin
Online: Buy More, Save More!! Shop at Yankee Candle and get 25% off on tonka bean & pumpkin. For more exciting offers and deals please visit to our website. (Oct-02-2019)

2 for $40 Large Candles
Online : Choose 2 of your favorite large classic jar or large tumbler candles for just $40. For more offers visit our website. (July-11-2019)

Extra 10% Off $25 | Extra 15% Off $40
In Store & Online: Semi Annual Sale! Extra 10% off on your purchase of $25 or more and extra 15% off on your purchase of $40 or more at Yankee Candle. (Jun-2-2019)

Yankee Candle Coupon Offers & New Fragrance Updates
Their emails are awesome, connect with Yankee Candle and get exclusive offers, savings, new product updates and inspirational ways to warm up your home.

50% Off All Candles
In Store: Ouch! Awesome deal.. Get 50% off all candles includes car and home fragrance, plus get a large classic jar or tumbler candle for only $10 (in store only, limit to 1 per customer).

10% Off $10 | 30% Off $30 | 50% Off $50
In Store: Head on over to their retail stores with this coupon and get 10% off purchases over $10, 30% off when you spend $30+, or 50% off purchases of $50 or more.

Free Large Candle With $25 Purchase
In Store: Get a free large classic jar or tumbler candle when you purchase over $25 in Yankee candle stores.

50% Off All Candles & 25% Off Everything Else
In Store: Get 50% off all candles including car and home fragrance plus 25% off everything. Does not work on sale items.

About Yankee Candle Stores

Find Yankee candle printable coupons, coupon codes, and promo deals here.. Yankee Candle has become the #1 store in the candle business and the country’s best selling candle brand by sharing their customers’ “passion for fragrance” in every product they bring to market. Today, with over 150 fragrances, Yankee candles stores offer the world’s largest and most compelling selection of candle and home fragrance scents at affordable prices.

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  1. I used the 15.00 coupon at Cracker Barrel( Virginia) yesterday… I printed coupons. I got $300.00 worth of candles for 90.00…. AND yes the candles were on sale- 25-40% off plus my 15.00!! It was the deal of the day!! Thank you so much for sharing these coupons!!!!


  2. Been using the printable YC coupons from this site for a few years now. Never failed me especially in the stores. I even used it during the sales and they were accepted.

  3. Herbergers too which is part of the Bon-Ton, Younkers, Boston Store & Bergner's family accepts YC coupons without any reservation. I purchased Yankee at the Billings Montana Store.

  4. I work at a locally owned gift store who sells Yankee Candle and we take the coupons and Yankee honors them for us. We have never had a problem getting credit for the coupons we turn in to them so don't be afraid to ask at any store carrying them.

  5. I work @ Hallmark.. And ya, we let customers use these coupons mixed with our in store credit coupon thingys.. We get a refund for it from Yankee.. I'm sure any other store accepts them too. Just ask if they take "manufacturer coupons"

  6. Im a store manager at a yankee candle and i want to set the record straight. 1 You can stack jar coupons in a single transaction with a single coupon. (Ex. Using a buy 1 get 1 coupon on 8 jars to receive a buy 4 get 4 discount) 2 a dollar off coupon can be used on top of any currently running in store promotion.

    (Ex. There is usually a buy 1 get 1 1/2 off running in store. You can use a $10 off $25 on top of your b1g1 1/2 as long as your subtotal is $25 or more.) 3 you cannot use a dollar-off coupon on top of using a jar coupon or $1 tart and votive coupon unless you purchase additional items that total what you need for the dollar off coupon.

    (Ex. You can buy 2 get 2 large jars with a b1g1 coupon and then purchase $25 worth of accessories for your jars and use a $10 off $25 on that. 4 if you spend $50 you cannot use a $10 off coupon twice in the same transaction. You would need 2 coupons for 2 transactions. 5 there are no limits to how many coupons you can use in a day. If you have 50 coupons you can use them for 50 transactions all in the same day. (Credit cards might decline if you actually do 50 transactions at the same place though) 6 the acceptance of expired coupons vary by district.

    Some wont take any, some say a couple weeks to 6 months, but in CO and OK you can use expired coupons even if they are years old! 7 if you have a smart phone, you can scan a coupon right off that. No need to print! You can also do this with multiple transactions!

  7. I am also a Yankee Candle manager. We DO NOT take coupons past their expiration date and there can only be 1 coupon used per transaction. We prefer you use only 1 coupon each visit but if your willing to write several checks or run your card several times on one visit.

    Then we will gladly accept 1 coupon for each separate transaction. We love your business but appreciate guest who do not abuse the system.

    • I don’t feel anyone is abusing “the System” by using multiple coupons or even u guys/gals taking expired coupons! I like their candles but they are marked up way to much! The coupons that they put out is selling them for what they should be sold at norman. You and the company are still making a good profit at that price!
      As long as your store can get their money back on the coupons. You would rather put your employee through more work making unnecessary transactions, not to mention the cost of running that plastic for each “Unnecessary” transaction that “YOU” are having to “PAY” not the customer!!! So Mr/Mrs store manager your costing your store money and these people that you say are “Abusing the System” are the ones that I bet is a big part of why you have the job that you have.
      Instead of calling them names and being hateful to them you should be smiling at them and wishing them well.. I wish the store owner would send you or maybe they need to go themselves for training about this with Yankee. Every store should be doing the same thing.. If the other manager is getting her money back you should be doing the same. Sorry for the rant, I don’t use the candles because of the markup but I have seen the same problem with other chain electronic stores saying and doing two different things when it comes to coupons and one is right and one is wrong.

  8. I will give everyone some info about Yankee Candle Coupons, the rules for there staff say you can use three coupons per person per day. Now this is only if the coupons do not interact with one another, so you cant use a buy one get one free and use a coupon on top of that.

    The coupon can only be used on additional merchandise. Coupons that say spend "X" and get "X" off can only be used based on the total amount. So if I had 3 spend $25 and get $10 coupons I would need to have a subtotal of $75 to get $30 off my purchase.

    If you are wondering how I know this its because I work for Yankee Candle as a sales associate.

  9. Kohls lets you use the 10 off 25 yankee candle coupons plus they let you use it with their coupons which i stock up on on ebay!! heres what i use: one 10 off 25 yankee candle coupon, one kohls 10 off 10 (from ebay), one 5 off 5 kohls coupon(from ebay) and i get 25 in free yankee candles!!!!

    Plus if they have a percent off coupon out for kohls which they do right now you can print it and use it for anything over the 25.00. Good luck!

  10. Yankee candle announced that they are no longer offering the $10 off $25. I wont be shopping at Yankee anymore !!!!!

  11. Too bad! I love Yankee Candles. Their coupons are great especially the 10.00 dollars off 25.00 dollar purchase !

  12. I have never had a problem using my yankee candle coupons the eales clerk at the mall i go to in va is always happy to except them no matter what kind of a sale if it wasnt for the coupons most of us could not afford to purchace such luxurys as candles love it love it love it

  13. I work at a local Hallmark store (corporate) and we do accept all yankee candle coupons even online ones, for us they can't apply to already reduced candles. Usually if you have a few coupons at a time we will split up your orders (only if you are nice). Remember the nicer you are to the associates the more willing they are to help you out!! From working in retail you learn not to bend the rules for the nasty customers!

    Happy Shopping!!

  14. I wish they would put the dollar tarts & votives coupons up again.. I loved to use them especially during the holidays.

  15. Bed, bath and beyond will combine coupons for large candles, plus if you have a coupon for them (20%) they will take that off one item in their store, all on that same order which is awesome!

    Also, FYI, if you spend an average total of $30 you get a 3.7 oz small home for the holidays candle free. 🙂 Happy Shopping!!!

  16. For those of you who are enjoying the coupons go online to yankeecandle.com/coupons and register for some of your own. You only need to know a local store number to register and they run from 001 through 500.

    They send out $1 votive and tart coupons right to your email about 6 times a year. My local store takes coupons on sales and promotions, they won't take expired coupons, but they are always willing to try and meet my needs.

    Last time I was in I had an expired coupon, and since it was no good, they found me a similar one to use! Talk about great customer service!!

  17. These Yankee Candle coupon's are GREAT. Personally I use 2 every week. I love this store and I can buy my candles because of the coupons… Thank You

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