How You Can Save More in After Christmas Sales

Waiting to shop for things until after the holidays will save you money. But you’re going to have to shop smart and that implies having a solid approach towards shopping. At MommySavesBig, we want you to start 2021 with the spirit of saving more while shopping more. 

Explore our tips on what to buy post-Christmas and the best deals being offered by your favorite brands. 

What Should You Buy? 

Shopping after Christmas might mean waiting longer for a specific item, but it will make the wait worth the money you save on that product. In the January inventory turnover, you can see a lot of deep discounts on big appliances, furniture, sports goods, and just about every other retail item that is changed. To make the most of post-holiday sales, you will need to prepare ahead. If you have a list of target items, timing big buys for after-Christmas sales will produce significant savings. 

The following are five items that you should wait until after Christmas to purchase.

1. Gifts and Toys

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Retailers are left with excess stocks of beauty products, toys, spa gift bags, and much more after Christmas is over. To make way for standard merchandise again, these items are quickly transferred to the clearance bin.

At 70% off or more, watch for toy clearances and then buy in bulk. These make your children, nephews, and nieces great birthday gifts. For unexpected occasions, you can pick up a supply of adult gifts too. A spa collection is a perfect gift to welcome new neighbors or just say thank you.

2. Decorations

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The price of decorations and other Christmas paraphernalia does not back down much. Within a few weeks after Christmas, Christmas trees, decorations, decor, wrapping paper, and more will all be 50 percent to 75 percent off. Buying ahead will save you a bundle for next year.

3. Winter Wear

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Sweaters and other winter wear are priced at the top of the line when new collections arrive and barely work their way down as winter progresses. January and July are the two periods of the year when distributors hand over their products for the new season. That makes January a great time for you and your children to purchase next year’s winter gear.

4. Electronics

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Black Friday will have some wonderful offers on electronic gadgets, but after the New Year, you will find sales that are just as good or better. Every January, the International Consumer Electronics Show takes place and showcases new products and models. Retailers realize that these new models are on the way, so they want to unload the models from last year and free up shelf space.

5. Food

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Food is in demand year-round, but after the holidays, the type of food that’s in demand changes dramatically. A prime time to snap up some serious discounts in the supermarket aisles is after Christmas.

Baking materials, wine, cheese, and the products’ seasonal flavors are also on the way out. Grocers clear a lot of what is left from the holiday season in January to make room for the healthier foods that everyone seems to like.

Best After Christmas Deals

Discover the best deal on top brands.

  • The Home Depot 

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There’s no better way to start 2021 than to introduce some aesthetic pieces and uplift your home ambiance. The Home Depot is your one-stop-shop for all home-related products available at a reasonable price. 

The Home Depot deals:

35% off on select garage and home storage

30% off on select mattresses and beddings 

  • H&M

Fast Fashion Leaders H&M And Zara; Weathering The Pandemic

Stay at the top of your fashion game this new year with timeless and chic pieces from H&M that will make heads turn. Get up to 60% off online and in-store. 

  • Target

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It always seems Target has what is on your list and what isn’t on your list. We can rarely search Target and just check out products on our list due to their amazing quality, range, and prices.

Target tops the list for post-holiday sales this year. Up to 50% off toys and 40% off clothes and electronics can be found. And you get $10 back if you spend $50 or more on select Christmas pieces! Every week, they even publish a new “sale of the week,” so be sure to keep an eye out.

Target Deals:

25% on furniture

25% on throw pillows

25% on lighting

25% on home decor

  • Lowe’s

Lowe's stores report technical issues with registers

Get your hands on amazing home improvement products from Lowe’s at the lowest prices. 

Lowe’s deals:

40% off on select bath essentials

40% off on select foot care

10% off on select Stainmaster products

  • Walmart

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Explore their Home Clearance section to get home products for as cheap as $10. 

  • Indigo Books & Music 

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Are you looking for wireless earbuds, the perfect scarf, socks, or a new calendar for 2021? You will find all of these things and more at Indigo Books & Music at a whopping 40 percent to 50 percent off now and through the end of the holiday season.

How about a little extra cash in your pocket if that’s not enough to keep you warm?

Shoppers will also get an extra 25 percent off their orders from Giving Assistant and receive 10 percent cash back.


Gap, Inc. Sees Potential In Athletic Wear Market | SGB Media Online is offering a major site-wide sale after the holiday. Their final sale contains some great offers you’re not going to find anywhere else. You will find a range of clothing pieces and accessories ranging from 50 percent all the way up to 75 percent off, including cargo pants, shorts, tank tops, leotards, crop tops, and more.

So now that you are armed with the knowledge of being a smart shopper, start buying all you need right away.