Top 10 Baby Travel Gear Items For The Plane

For some of us, flying is a scary and nerve-racking experience, and to add a baby to that, it may seem impossible. Instead of bringing countless bags and your entire nursery along for the trip, we have put together a list of the top ten must-have items for traveling with a baby. These items will make your flight more bearable and enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Smart Food Storage to Satiate Your Baby

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One thing is sure; your precious little one will need to eat during the trip. Many mothers have found that feeding their babies during takeoff and landing helps them adjust and remain calmer. If you are not comfortable breastfeeding during the flight, you will need to prepare bottles for your baby. The 3-ounce limit for liquids for TSA security checks do not apply to baby food, including breast milk, so you can bring as much as your baby will need.

For babies that drink formula or eat solids, a food dispenser is a must-have item for traveling. Choose one that best fits your needs. Formula dispensers usually have three or more compartments. Depending on the snack dispenser, you can have enough compartments for your child to enjoy the entire flight. Simba Snack Dispenser has four different sections that twist on top of each other, allowing them to lock into place. This one can be used with formula or snacks, or even both! 

Stroller/Car Seat Protector for Safeguarding Your Little One

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If you have ever flown before, you know that the employees loading up the bags do not place them lightly, but rather throw them as far as they can to make room for the other bags. To protect your stroller and car seat, some bags will secure them for you. They will keep all your parts in place, including the buckles, head supports, and wheels, so they do not get lost. One last awesome benefit, they keep your car seat and stroller clean for your baby.

Protector bags are used when you are checking your stroller and car seat along with your checked luggage.  The J.L Childress Backpack Travel Bag is extra tall and is 19 x 15 x 16 inches, fitting most car seats. As it is a backpack, you can easily carry your car seat along with your child. It has extra padding, so it will protect your car seat and keep it clean. Use up the extra space in the bag with packing your diapers, wipes, and clothes, since most airplanes allow you to check the car seat for free!

Wet-Dry Bags that Ensure Good Hygiene

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A wet-dry bag will allow you to bring fewer storage bags, which, in turn, helps you find what you need quickly. There is one section that is compatible with the dirty and wet clothes, and another to put your dry clean clothes in. They are two separate sections, so you do not have to worry about getting your clean clothes dirty.

Diaper Changing Pad for Nature Calls

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You never know when your baby will need a diaper change; therefore, a compact diaper changing pad is another must-have item for traveling with a baby. Some include pockets for diapers, wipes, and extra clothes, that also folds up into a little purse-like bag.

Diaper Bag Backpack to Travel With Ease

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You know you must bring a diaper bag anyway, but I would choose a backpack style diaper bag. That way, your side, and arms are freed up because you can simply put in on your back. These backpacks also have the same number of compartments and pockets, if not more! This bag will ease up your load and free your hands to carry your baby or push the stroller.

My favorite is the Mancro backpack because it has 14 organizing compartments! It is 11.8 x 7.1 x 16.5 inches, which is large enough to hold everything you will need during your travel. Not only is it large, but it is waterproof and insulated as well. With the extra padding on the back, it makes it the most comfortable diaper bag to carry around while traveling.

Baby Carrier for Increased Convenience

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One of the best products for traveling with a baby is a baby carrier. Sometimes it is easier to carry a baby with a carrier instead of using a stroller. If you bring along a baby carrier, there is no need for a stroller. You do not have to worry about the extra hassle of bringing along a stroller. Whether you are making your way through the airport or sitting the entire flight, a baby carrier will let your baby stay comfortable by being close to you. You will also be able to use your hands to do other tasks while still holding your infant.

Depending on how old your child is, you have two options for a carrier. If your baby is less than six months, a Boba baby wrap will be the best choice. These are stretchy enough to hold your infant extra close to you. They can sleep peacefully and lay on your chest as if you were holding them naturally.

If your child is bigger, a baby carrier with straps and buckles will be easier. Because an older child sleeps less and likes to observe more, an Infantino carrier is easier to put your child in and out, especially while seated on a flight. This comes with extra pockets, so you can hold your pacifier and the things your child is playing with all in one place. Infantino baby carriers come with four different positions, both front and back making it extremely versatile. The straps are also very well padded, so you stay comfortable even after carrying your child for many hours!

Toys and Teethers for Your Growing Infant

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Unless your baby is a newborn, you will probably need toys and teethers to soothe them and keep them occupied. There are many small toys that kids love. Find some soft fabric books, as they fold nicely and do not require much space. Quiet Books are the perfect distraction while on the flight for kids because they do not make noise and have pages of different activities, so your baby will not get bored.

Pacifier for Comfort

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Make sure you bring along a pacifier during the flight. It brings comfort to your baby, especially during takeoff and landing. If you already use a pacifier at home consistently, bring multiple pacifiers and a sanitizer in case they fall on the ground. Some even have special clip-ons that stick to your baby’s clothes, ensuring that they do not tumble to the ground.

Spare Clothes to be on the Safer Side

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As a mother, you already know that your baby can get dirty any second of the day with an exploded diaper or spit-up. Bring extra clothes, not only for your baby but for yourself too! You do not want to have poop or throw-up on either one of you and stink your entire flight. Plan for two spare onesies for your baby and an extra shirt for yourself.

Nursing Cover to make Feedings Easier

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If you plan to nurse during the flight, you definitely need a lightweight nursing cover. Even if you do not want to nurse on the plane, a nursing cover can serve various functions. Many fit over the car seat to block out light and people. You can even wear the nursing cover to put your baby to sleep; that way, the lights, and people do not distract them as much.


Of course, you will want to bring enough diapers and wipes to last the entire flight as well, and then some in case of a delay. However, after those necessities, these are the top 10 must-have items to bring while traveling with a baby. They will help you to be more relaxed, which in turn helps your baby be comfortable and happy.