Dinnerware Storage Set Honey-Can-Do Container Sets SFT-01630 , 5-Piece,White

Dinnerware Storage Set

5-Piece Quilted Dinnerware Storage Set, White

You bring out that beautiful dinnerware just for occasions that feel a little fancy. But how you handle those dishes while you are using them is just as important as what you do when you’re not.

Care for them during their between-holiday hibernation by tucking them into these quilted cases. The cushioned cloth cradles delicate dishware and protects it from dust.

This storage set has enough room for up to 12 standard place settings: saucers, cups, and dessert, salad, and dinner plates.

The Quilted Dinnerware Storage Set includes:

Saucer Plate Case: 7” Dia. x 7” H

Dessert Plate Case: 8.5” Dia. x 8.5” H

Salad Plate Case: 10” Dia. x 10” H

Dinner Plate Case: 12” Dia. x 12” H

Cup Chest: 14” L x 12” W x 4.5” H

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Item Features:

Dinnerware Storage Set Honey-Can-Do Container Sets SFT-01630 , 5-Piece,White

Quilted cloth cushions delicate china.

Zippers glide smoothly.

Enough room for up to 12 place settings.

Includes 12” dinner plate case, 10”salad plate case, 8.5” dessert plate cases and 7” saucer plate case + cup chest with chipboard divider.

Stores up to a 12 place settings.

Smooth glide zippers.

Color: White.

Keeps most dust and animal dander away from your fine china or seasonal dishes.


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